Tasty Table ~ St. Patrick’s Day 2015

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

By Katie Moosbrugger

Happy St. Patrick's Day! It's not too late to celebrate a bit o' the Irish with your family tonight. I found a couple of traditional St. Patrick dinners and desserts that are not only easy to make last minute, but chances are good your kids will enjoy them too. Wouldn't that be lucky? Print today's blog as a shopping list and gather your ingredients. Involve the kids and make tonight a complete St. Patrick's Day celebration with fun food, history, customs, games and crafts. Click HERE to visit our blog from last year that features 50 ways to have fun this St. Patrick's Day!

Enjoy!  Read More

Tasty Table ~ Comfort Casseroles

Saturday, February 28, 2015

By Rachel Hoeing

The word "casserole" will always and forever make me feel like an old woman showing up at a friend's door with casserole in hand to heal their wounded heart. But I don't care! Casseroles are yummy. They are easy to make. They are a good comfort food. They make a lot at of food once. Granted, they are not always the healthiest of options, but they are unmistakably yummy.

Today I have listed some of my favorite casserole recipes. Some are new and some have been handed down from my sweet Nana many years ago. Enjoy! Read More

Tasty Table ~ Superbowl Sunday Recipes

Thursday, January 22, 2015

By Guest Blogger Travis Finn

I wanted to take a stab at the “Tasty Table” column and put some of my “Super Bowl” recipes to the test. I dug up some of my favorite crown pleasing, “easy” recipes that my kids and I make together. Before you dig into these recipes, let me warn you that I NEVER follow a recipe. I merely use them as guides for the basics of my dishes. I always have a “secret” version that ends up being served and my guest have fun trying to figure out what I did to vary from the original. With that said, you can use these as written and I am sure you will end up with a tasty dish, but if you are like me and like to get out of the box and break the rules, then have fun exploring and modifying these basic recipes. The easiest ones to “make your own” are the Chili and Guacamole.  Read More

Tasty Table: 5 SIMPLE Recipes for Appetizers

Saturday, December 20, 2014

By Rachel Hoeing

How can you guarantee a relaxing, peaceful holiday? Keep everyone FULL and happy! The main course at the holidays varies from family to family, but one thing we all always need are good munchies! Appetizers, starters, hors d'oeuvres ... whatever you like to call them, make sure you have plenty on hand and you'll have a house of smiles throughout the holiday season.

I've shared some of my favorite appetizers below that I seem to prepare year and year for two reasons: tasty and simple! I would love for you to each share your favorite recipes as well by commenting below. Read More

Tasty Table ~ Slow Cooker Recipes

Saturday, November 15, 2014

By Katie Moosbrugger

Ever since school started, I've been on a crock pot kick. I'm sure many of you use this life-saver all the time but I've only recently started  to use it on a regular basis. I know - I'm late to the party. In the past, I've been overwhelmed by all the recipes shared on Facebook, in brochures at the grocery check-out lines, or in my favorite magazines. Plus once I actually shopped for the ingredients - it never failed - I would always forget to prep and start the meal first thing in the morning. Come 4 pm, I would once again scrounging my fridge for a decent meal. It was a vicious cycle, and I was determined to end it.

If you are in the same fix I was in, it's my hope today's recipes will inspire you to get on a crock pot kick with me. The following recipes have been enjoyed by my family, and they're so easy to get you started. Read More

Tasty Table: All Things Pumpkin

Thursday, October 16, 2014

By Rachel Hoeing

People go pumpkin crazy this time of year! For those who just can't get enough of it, I have listed some of my favorite recipes using pumpkins below. From savory, to tummy-warming, to nutritious, to sweet ... we've got an assortment of delicious recipes for you to enjoy!

In addition, if you love to cook or bake, contact us to share your recipes in an upcoming Tasty Table blog! Read More

Tasty Table: Incorporating Fruits and Veggies in Desserts

Friday, October 03, 2014

By Guest Blogger Lana Evans

Getting enough fruits and vegetables into your diet are easy when you learn how to incorporate them into your favorite foods. Fortunately, there is a growing trend of sneaking these healthy foods not only into breakfast, lunch and dinner, but desserts too.

While the nutritional value is not as high as it would be if you ate the produce alone, it does give you some needed nutrients. If you have a fussy eater or are one yourself, try one of these fruit- and vegetable-laden dessert recipes that is not only good for you, but tasty too. Read More

Tasty Table ~ The Art of Sunday Supper

Saturday, August 16, 2014

By Guest Blogger Julia Chandler

Sunday after church was always the same growing up. A quick change out of church clothes if I was lucky, then my mom would load up her platter of deviled eggs and we would be off on a short drive to my Grandmother’s for Sunday dinner. All five of my uncles, their wives and all the cousins would be at my grandparents' farm.

The afternoon was spent throwing horseshoes and letting kids jump out of the hayloft at the top of the barn. Ruby, my grandmother and an amazing Southern woman, fried chicken and prepared dish upon dish of Southern food for her family like it was her religious duty every Sunday afternoon. As a young child, I recall looking up to her tea 'pot' perched on the front corner of the electric stove. However, her tea pot was a stock pot full of sweet tea, enough for the crowd. Only the adults sat in the dining room, kids were lucky to get a seat at the small red kitchen table or any other open seat, to enjoy the meal before us. Trust me when I say this; I can taste the squash fritters and fried okra to this day, and Ruby's chicken which was like no other, so much that I still crave it. Read More

Tasty Table ~ Easy Summer Desserts

Saturday, July 26, 2014

By Katie Moosbrugger

Summer is a great time to teach our kids skills in the kitchen. Today's dessert recipes are not only quick and delicious, but your whole family will have as much fun eating these treats as you will making them. So take a break from the pool or beach and cool off with these seasonal favorites. Enjoy!

If you have favorite recipes you'd like to share with our readers, email Katie@TriadMomsOnMain.com. We'd love to feature you as a guest blogger for Tasty Table or simply the recipes you recommend! Read More

Tasty Table: 4th of July Celebration

Friday, June 27, 2014

By Rachel Hoeing

Break out the grills, the coolers and the sparklers! It's time for a 4th of July cookout! As you celebrate Independence Day next week, why not try to keep the red, white and blue theme throughout your menu?

I have shared some fun, colorful and tasty recipes below that are all VERY simple. If you have additional ideas for a red, white and blue party theme, please share them in the comment section below.

Happy 4th of July! Read More

Secret Super Food Discovered!

Monday, June 23, 2014

By Guest Blogger Debbie Wilkins

There is a magical food out there that is easy to miss.  It’s like a superhero of the produce department.  And this amazing food item can change your body in amazing ways.  What is it?  What is it?  It’s the mighty lemon.  There are so many benefits to incorporating lemon into your daily nutrition.

Now, for The Power of the Lemon (and unsolicited sarcasm): Read More

Tasty Table ~ Grill Like a Dad

Thursday, May 29, 2014

By Randy Fulp, Guest Blogger and Dad

Well, it's that time of year again. Time to fire up the grill and sizzle some of your favorite dishes. Of course, if you're like me you grill at any time of year but there is something special about the advent of summer with the days getting longer and the weather heating up that makes grilling even more fun.

I've been asked to give a recipe or two that I've found in my years of amateur grilling which could prove useful in the days to come. What immediately comes to mind is my mother's teriyaki sauce, which is the most versatile sauce/marinade I have ever encountered and is the most frequent recipe request I get when having people over. Then I thought I'd do something different and talk about a cooking method that I have recently found which has changed the way I do steaks on the grill. Read More

The Tasty Table ~ "Mom's Night In"

Thursday, April 24, 2014

By Guest Blogger Amy Hughes

With a maiden name like Schillings I am about as German as it gets. But I have long fantasized about being part of one of those large, unnaturally close Italian families that gets together every Sunday to make the ‘gravy’, drink red wine and commiserate over immense platters of meat, pasta and antipasti. My dad feels the same way. Together, we have developed a love of cooking, of family gatherings, and of making way too much food for any given occasion. And ultimately, we both end up in the kitchen instead of enjoying the moment.

Don’t get me wrong...I love making the effort. I love the result. I love seeing people enjoy it. And I love that I am known for creating an abundance of food. But there is one night where I want maximum impact with minimal effort so that I can enjoy the company...and that’s the night I lovingly refer to as Mom’s Night In.  Read More

Tasty Table ~ Trader Joe's Recipes

Saturday, March 22, 2014

By Guest Blogger Jen Hurst

I asked Jen to share her Chicken Rice Bowl recipe after our bunco group devoured it at her house - and then we all made it for our families that same week. We literally bumped into one another at Trader Joe's shopping for the ingredients, and then created a shortage of cilantro in the Triad. Turns out, this was not the only yummy TJ recipe Jen had up her sleeve; she is somewhat of a Trader Joe's connoisseur and had other favorite TJ recipes to share as well. I hope you enjoy these dishes as much as I do! ~ Katie

One stop shopping, and still able to create a great meal.  Love when that happens! My Go-To grocery store is Trader Joes. I found myself shopping there every week, for just a few items, until now! It's where I buy 90% of my grocery for the week. Many items are seasonal and ever changing, so it's fun to collect ideas for new menu items each week. Here are a few crowd pleasers... Read More

Tasty Table ~ Munchy Madness: The Final Four

Thursday, February 27, 2014

By Guest Blogger, Laura Buxenbaum

If you haven’t already, it’s time to get into the game! Basketball season is coming to a close and the grand finale is the NCAA tournament, a 3-week basketball showdown. I grew up in Chapel Hill, so basketball runs in my veins. For me, life in March revolves around watching basketball (and checking my bracket).

If you’ll be sitting on the sidelines cheering for your favorite team this March, don’t foul out on your New Year’s Resolution to eat healthy. Remember to keep good nutrition in your game plan by focusing on key players like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy that help supply essential vitamins and minerals that many Americans are lacking. After all, you need to fuel your body for all of that jumping, screaming and cheering you will be doing! Here are my final four picks for delicious, healthy game day snacking recipes.  Read More

Really Easy Homemade & 7-Ingredient Marinara Spaghetti Sauce

Friday, January 31, 2014

By Guest Blogger Cindy Silver, Registered Dietitian

Do you adore homemade meals? Of course, you do. After all, they’re comforting, tasty and nutritious -- especially when the ingredients are simple and fresh. Somehow, even though most of us give thumbs up to homemade meals, we go the opposite direction and buy ‘made-for-you’ meals at a restaurant, café or the grocery store. As a registered dietitian, I push my clients, friends and family members to make the leap to really easy homemade. They sometimes resist because they’re in a time crunch or because they are not great meal planners. But, when they take the leap, they never look back. Really easy homemade is just what it sounds like. You think of something you like to eat, you find an easy recipe, shop for the ingredients and make it in your kitchen. There is truly no better meal you will consume than the one you make yourself. Or, better yet, get your kids to help you put that tasty dinner on the family table. Talk about pride...  Read More

The ABCs of Real Fitness & Nutrition for the Entire Family

Friday, January 24, 2014

By Guest Blogger Laura Buxenbaum

With New Years just behind us, many of us are still renewing our commitment to a healthy lifestyle. This year attack the age-old lose weight and eat healthier pledge from a different perspective and make it a family resolution. Every parent knows, teaching children healthy lifestyle habits can be a challenge. But it’s not impossible – in fact, the building blocks to a healthy family can be as easy as A-B-C: Aim for Activity, Bring Back Breakfast and Choose Snacks Cautiously. Read More

Tasty Table ~ Comfort Foods

Saturday, January 18, 2014

By Katie Moosbrugger

When it's cold outside, I love to cook. And comfort foods are my favorite recipes to make. Today I'm sharing some of my tried-and-true comfort dishes (even my kids like them). But if you're watching your waist or counting calories, then these recipes are probably not ideal. However, if you're in it for taste and smiles around the dinner table, go ahead and give one of these a try.

Do you like to blog about your favorite recipes? Especially those that kids will enjoy too? If so, email me at Katie@TriadMomsOnMain.com. We are always seeking new dishes to share. Enjoy! Read More

Tasty Table ~ Delicious Cakes

Monday, December 23, 2013

By Rachel Hoeing

By now you probably have most of your holiday meals planned, but what about desserts? I have gathered some of my favorite recipes that will be sure to impress your family and friends this holiday season. From super-duper easy to a little more complex, these cakes will work for celebrations all year round!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday! Read More

Tasty Table ~ Traditional Holiday Appetizers

Saturday, November 09, 2013

By Katie Moosbrugger

When it comes to the holidays, my family shares very traditional meals. We tend to serve the same dishes year after year, including the appetizers. That might sound boring, but everything is tried and true - and we look forward to enjoying the same menu year after year. Today I'm sharing some of my family's favorite hors d'oeuvres - appetizers I grew up with and still enjoy today. While I can't promise these recipes are healthy, low calorie, or safe from food sensitivities - I can promise you they're delicious! Best of all, they're simple and sure crowd pleasers!

Enjoy! Read More

Tasty Table ~ Free for All

Saturday, October 19, 2013

By Guest Blogger Jennifer Hurst

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2009, my head was spinning! To then be told to cut wheat, gluten, dairy, and soy from my diet, say what??! Never one to be held back from the foods that I love by something as silly as allergies and food sensitivities, I decided to research, recreate, and test these new-to-me foods.

What I did find, is that this way of eating is pretty easy. Just eat REAL FOOD! {2 easy words} After almost 5 years I am here to share my tricks.  Throw in some great tips on planning ahead and making eating with restrictions manageable and darn near delicious. Below are some alternative and tasty recipes for those with food sensivities and allergies. Read More

Fall Fruits & Veggies for Extra Nutrition & Chicken Salad with a Twist

Monday, October 07, 2013

By Guest Blogger Cindy Silver, Registered Dietitian

Fruits and vegetables are gaining popularity in the kitchen of today’s busy families for very good reasons. In a nutshell, fruits and veggies are quick, easy, nutritious, delicious, versatile and affordable. Have you made the leap to buying all forms of fruits and veggies yet? Fresh, frozen, canned and dried all stack up for excellent nutrient richness and they may be used in recipes, as snacks and as dessert – yes, dessert!

Fruits and vegetables are fun to buy and eat, season-by-season. In the fall, seasonal favorites include apples, pears, sweet potatoes, leafy greens, cabbage, butternut squash and pumpkins, to name a few. If you have the chance, a local farm market is the place to buy these ‘harvested right now’ choices and be sure to eat or cook them within a few days to benefit from the great flavors and nutrition! If you buy from the grocery store, then pick out the freshest you can find and don’t be afraid to ask a produce clerk to help you. Learning about selection and storage of fruits and veggies is a smart goal for all of us. Read More

Tasty Table ~ Tailgating Treats & After School Snacks

Saturday, September 14, 2013

By Jenny Stauffer

Time for another recipe collection from our Tasty Table blogger, Jenny!

Fall is just around the corner, and tailgating, afterschool snacks, and back porch entertaining might leave you wanting for a few new appetizer and snack recipes. Maybe some of these will hit the spot! Cheers!

 Read More

Tasty Table ~ Raise Your Glass!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

By Rachel Hoeing

Cheers to a fabulous Summer 2013! It's not over yet, so I figured we could keep the summertime party going with delicious mixed drink recipes this month! I asked a handful of friends to send me their favorite drink recipe and I ended up with some terrific ideas below. Thanks to all of you who contributed.

If you do not drink alcohol, the last two entries are especially for you! Nonalcoholic, but still cool and refreshing for a summer evening!

And for my personal favorite summertime drink recipe (since I am not much of a liquor drinker) ... open the cooler, take out a Michelob Ultra, pop off the cap and enjoy! Read More

Tasty Table ~ July 2013

Saturday, July 20, 2013

By Jenny Stauffer

As relaxing as summer is, it is nice to have dinners that we don't have to think too much about. We all tend to want to get in and out of the kitchen. Here are a few one-dish dinners that will get you in and out of the kitchen this summer. Enjoy!

Sausage and Potato Bake

This is so delicious! The potatoes and the sausage get brown and crispy. This was such a family pleaser I have made it twice in a month! Next time I may double the amount of sausage, as we all gobble it up! Source: www.wellseasonedlife.com

Keep reading for this and other recipes... Read More

The Benefits of an Alkaline Diet

Saturday, July 06, 2013

By Guest Blogger Civey Conway, cancer survivor

Last May, I profiled Civey as a Mom on the Move to celebrate her defeat over Stage IV lung cancer. A little over a year ago, she was given six months to two years to live. She endured just four chemotherapy treatments, and then chose to stop. Today she is in remission – thanks in large part she says – to alkalizing her body and constant prayer. Her story fascinates me and I asked her to blog about the basics of an alkaline diet –something that could benefit anyone, not just cancer patients. Her suggestions are below. I’d love to hear what you think! ~ Katie

In 1931, Dr.Otto Warberg received the Nobel Prize for discovering the cause of cancer. He discovered that the primary cause for cancer is a low alkaline pH, or in other words, high acidity of the body. Basically, he concluded that “cancer cannot exist in an alkalized environment.” When I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, this knowledge led me to research how to alkalize my body. I was not given a good prognosis from my doctors at that time as the cancer had spread to my bones, liver and brain so I was quite desperate to get my body alkalized as fast as possible. Read More

Tasty Table - Summertime Salads

Monday, June 17, 2013

By Rachel Hoeing

We are changing up our Tasty Table blogs a bit! Click here to get the skinny!

June often means cookouts and plenty of family gatherings. I am always on the lookout for light, fresh dishes that I can enjoy in the midst of summertime heat. I also like to find something that I can bring to a gathering and share with others. I dug into my recipe box and found five of my favorite salad dishes to enjoy in the summer months. I have included a mix of lettuce based salads and pasta based salads. Thanks to my friends Martha, Molly and Belinda for sharing these recipes with me over the years! (I have no idea who Dayna is in the "Dayna's Salad" but she sure does make a mean salad!)

You can also refer to our Recipes section HERE and scroll through previous posts to gather recipes that are great for the summertime!

Enjoy!  Read More

Tasty Table ~ May 2013

Friday, May 31, 2013

By Jenny Stauffer

Tasty Table will be looking a little differently in the months to come and here is why....I am 8 weeks into completely revamping my diet, which was driven by many factors. I started eating a Paleo diet. That will change how I write for Tasty Table because my cooking is very different. It's pretty straightforward, and though I still only fix one dinner each night, I do make accommodations for the kids and Tom so they are not missing out.

Therefore, Tasty Table will be alternating months with posts written by me, Rachel, Katie and guest bloggers. This will give me more time to try to research new recipes that everyone will still enjoy! My “new” recipes will please those who eat gluten-free or dairy-free and even vegetarians/vegans at times. (Since the bulk of my recipes are either meat or vegetable-based).

Okay, onto the good stuff. Here are some of the recipes we have enjoyed lately. I hope everyone has a wonderful and happy summer! Cheers!  Read More

Tasty Table ~ Cinco de Mayo

Saturday, April 27, 2013

By Jenny Stauffer

It's almost time for Cinco de Mayo, also known as a great day to eat Mexican food and drink Mexican beer or a margarita! We love to eat Mexican, so I usually have a surplus of recipes (check back on the previous April and May posts in our Recipe section for more recipes!) Even when it isn't May 5th, these recipes can be enjoyed all summer long!

 Read More

March Tasty Table ~ Welcome Spring!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

By Jenny Stauffer

Spring is finally here, albeit still cold and rainy as I type this!

Already in my kitchen, meals are lighter and fresher as we anticipate the warmer weather and the chance for outdoor dining! I have tried some new recipes this year that are now in our regular rotation of meals that will work either as a quick weeknight meal or just as well if you are entertaining this Spring.

 Read More

The Tasty Table ~ Meatless Mondays

Thursday, February 28, 2013

By Jenny Stauffer

For quite some time, Meatless Mondays have been all the rage. Not so much for my family, though. Each Sunday, I take time to plan 4-5 meals that will take us through the week. Never once did I consider reserving one of those days as a meatless day. Until recently.....

Growing up, I did hit the stage as a teenager and young adult about being picky about my meat, since I made the connection of where my food came from. It was definitely a phase, though I am still picky-”er” about my meat than any other food group, and we do enjoy a vegetarian meal often.

Lo and behold, my second-grade daughter recently made the “connection”, as well, and has had a harder time accepting every meal as readily as she once did. So, we recently adopted an intentional day to be “meat-free”. Okay, not for a day, but at least for dinner! And though it might not always fall on a Monday, when I write my weekly meal plan, I do aim for one meatless meal a week. Read More

January Tasty Table ~ Light and Easy

Friday, January 18, 2013

By Jenny Stauffer

Every Christmas and Holiday season, I underestimate the sheer amount of food I will consume. It's just that with every party, every get-together, the food is so “festive” and rich. Nonetheless, I return home from our annual New Year's vacation ready to lighten up my meals. It's not that I am setting out on some New Year's Resolution craziness, because, all things in moderation, right?

Additionally, we have started “Meatless Mondays” in our house. For us, this has been something the girls actually anticipate. I come home with one less expensive meat product each week, and we feel better eating meat-free at least one night a week.

I just so happen to have some light dinner options just in case you, too, feel the need to throw in a lighter meal or two into your rotation. Read More

Tasty Table ~ Friends' Holiday Recipes

Saturday, December 15, 2012

By Tasty Table Blogger Jenny Stauffer

Happy Holidays! This year for the December Tasty Table edition, I thought it might be fun to ask some fellow Triad friends to share their favorite holiday recipes. I have some amazing fellow friends who love to bake, to cook, and that have some really special family recipes that have been handed down that they all were eager to share with you!

I can't wait to try all of these recipes myself! I now have some fresh, new recipes myself that I can bring to the Holiday table, to friends, and to my family this season. Have a safe and tasty Holiday season! Cheers! Read More

Tasty Table ~ Thanksgiving 2012

Saturday, November 17, 2012

By Tasty Table Blogger Jenny Stauffer

Ahh, Thanksgiving is here, y'all! What a special holiday. I often hear people say that they love Thanksgiving more than the Christmas season, because it is one day of quiet, peaceful, family-oriented time, with so little hustle and bustle. It's just a nice, (sorta) simple day to spend with those you love. If I think back, my favorite memories were during Thanksgiving, really. I loved my grandma kneading her yeast rolls by hand when we were lucky enough to have her with us at Thanksgiving. I remember mom's perfect turkey. She sure slaved away all day long! From the turkey to the pumpkin and pecan pies, to the sides and appetizers, it did take her alone to pull off the entire meal! And she sure did it well!

I hope your memories of family and friends carry you through this Thanksgiving, as well. Enjoy this special time of thankfulness and fellowship.  Read More

Tasty Table ~ Back to School Dinner Ideas

Sunday, August 26, 2012

By Tasty Table Blogger Jenny Stauffer

Summer has come and gone and it's back -to-school time already! I know that as my own kids start school next week, it will be a shock to our internal clocks! Now is the time for easy, quick dinners that we can put together in a snap so that we have time for after school activities and homework! Here are some easy, delicious meals that you might try!

Enjoy! Read More

The Tasty Table for July 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

By Jenny Stauffer

I have posted before about finding new recipes and this month I have found some delicious new recipes that will definitely make a regular rotation in our house. I also have started something new this past month. Normally, I jot down a weekly menu of which I plan one weekend morning. Then I use my menu to create my weekly grocery list. And then I throw those papers away. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to type the menus and save them on a file, but I am really more of a pen and paper person. So I bought a spiral-bound notebook and began recording my weekly menus. If it’s a new recipe, I also write down the source, be it Pinterest, a magazine, or a cookbook. I make sure to include what sides we have with our main entrée.

Already, I have found great benefit from this. It is nice to instantly locate a recipe and I like being able to see what is on our weekly rotation. I am not the most well-organized person, but I would encourage you to try something similar, in whatever method would work for you. Even if it’s frozen ravioli and sauce, it’s nice to look back and have weekly or daily ideas for dinner on hand.

I hope you try out one of these delicious ideas for your own dinner this month! They are all super tasty and received two thumbs up from our family! Read More

The Tasty Table ~ Recipes with Fresh Produce

Sunday, June 24, 2012

By Jenny Stauffer

How many of you all are growing your own gardens, visiting the local markets, or lucky enough for a co-worker to share the fruits of their labor?  Each summer, as the mounds of vegetables come in, it’s easy to wonder what to do with the bounty of goodness that sits on counter or in the garden!  Here are some recipes I have used that help to use up some of that lovely produce!   Although sometimes I think nothing is better than a salted, sliced home-grown tomato, vinegar-soaked cucumbers, or a squash casserole, I hope you all try these and find them just as delicious! Read More

Tasty Table ~ Time to Grill!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

By Jenny Stauffer

It’s that time of year again!  Time to heat up our grills, enjoy the outdoors, and let our kids chase lightning bugs and stay up to enjoy the warm weather!    These recipes are perfect for nights like these and are ideal for either entertaining a crowd or for feeding a family.   I tried to find alternatives to the regular hamburger and hot dogs, and these recipes are fun for both the adults and kids aIike.  I have tasted and tested each of these recipes and my whole family gave them a thumb’s up!  Happy summer!   Read More

Tasty Table ~ Cinco De Mayo Ideas

Saturday, April 28, 2012

By Jenny Stauffer

Happy Cinco De Mayo!  Next weekend we will be celebrating this day that commemorates the cause of freedom and democracy during the first years of the American Civil War and celebrates Mexican heritage and pride.  Don’t y’all just love another reason to dish out some Mexican food? If you are grilling out with friends, joining a large fiesta, or just having a small family celebration, hopefully some of these recipes will fit the bill.

As always, if you have another recipe to share, please add your comment at the end of the blog!  More recipes can be found in our Food/Recipe section here.  

 Read More

The "Irish" Tasty Table for March

Saturday, March 17, 2012

By Jenny Stauffer

This month I was challenged to create a St. Patrick’s Day menu, and it was so much fun! Though I grew up with German and Irish and Catholic families, I was never much turned on to corned beef or beef and potato meals. But lo and behold, I managed to find a family-friendly meal that we all loved. If you find yourself in the kitchen this Patty’s Day, I encourage you to bring your kids along with you! My girls loved helping me along the way, and it was lots of fun!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Read More

Apps for Busy Moms: How Did We Live Without?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

By Katie Moosbrugger

It's true. There really is an app for that, for this, and for everything. You can now download apps that help you remember everything from the name of a mom you just met, to finding the latest sale prices, to accessing quick recipes, managing your baby's sleeping schedules, locating kid-friendly parks and playgrounds, hunting down the cleanest bathrooms on the road, and managing your household expenses. It's crazy, but it's also wonderful. How our own mothers ever survived is beyond me!

I recently polled our Facebook fans to find out what the hottest "mommy app" was, and the Cozi app won the most recommendations hands-down. I also discovered a bunch of other great apps we all need to try. More information on Cozi and other mom-friendly (actually they are all dad-friendly too!) is found below. Most of the apps listed below are free, however some do come with a small fee. Happy app shopping! Read More

Tasty Table for November ~ Company's Coming!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

By Tasty Table Blogger Jenny Stauffer

Happy Thanksgiving! Between now and the end of the holidays, all of us moms will be busy visiting relatives, shopping and wrapping, or hosting company of our own. Having a casserole in the freezer or on-hand is a lifesaver when we are frazzled. It is also easy to add a salad and rolls for a quick, hearty meal. I also have easy appetizers and some fun desserts to have on hand for when you may need them. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Read More

How Do I Love Dream Dinners? Oh, Let Me Count the Many Ways….

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sponsored by Dream Dinners of Clemmons; Written by Guest Blogger and Loyal Dream Dinners Customer Tina Kneisel

As a working mom with four children, my desire to come up with new and creative meals - and my fatigue at the end of the day - tend to battle with one another. This death fight often ends with a trip to a restaurant or a drive-through.Dream Dinners has helped me think a little less at the end of the day.

Keep reading to learn about Tina's top reasons for using Dream Dinners. And then discover how Dream Dinners is offering $25 off  to the first 12 Triad Moms on Main readers who book a session in September or October! Details below! Read More

The Tasty Table for July

Saturday, July 23, 2011

By Guest Blogger Jenny Stauffer

This month, I have decided to share some of our family’s favorite dinner recipes. Some of them are more suited for company, but most of them are recipes that are in our regular rotation of meals. We are so busy this time of year, it’s great to fall back on those easy favorites that are relatively quick and easy to prepare. Some of these recipes may even be in your collection of favorites! Read More