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Monday, December 26, 2011

By Guest Blogger Elizabeth Goliber with Green, Clean and Organized

Every year I say I'm going to organize all our old toys by creating piles of toys to donate, piles of toys to pitch, and piles of toys to consider consigning. It never happens. I just have piles. So when Elizabeth suggested this topic, I thought it'd be a great post to share with all of you! Happy organizing! ~ Katie

The kids have unwrapped all the Christmas presents and there are lots of new toys under the tree. Now you are thinking what am I am going to do with all these toys? Here are some tips to get and keep toys organized.

Group and store like items together.

Go through all of the toys and put all the cars, blocks, dolls, etc together. Find containers large enough for each type of toy and clearly label the container. One of my favorite types of toy storage is the Trofast Storage from Ikea, but you don’t have to spend much money on toy storage. Great storage bins, including these mini crates, can be found at The Dollar Store.

Label the containers.

Children will be more likely to put their toys away when there are clear places to put them. For non-readers make labels that include a picture representation of the item. Labels can be created in a word processing program using clip art or by taking digital photos of the toys to add to the labels. I recommend using Avery 6572 Permanent Multi-Purpose Labels if you are labeling plastic bins.

Use the one in-one out method.

When a new toy comes into the house, have your children choose a toy they no longer play with to donate. Also, regularly purge toys that are broken or missing parts.

Maintain order using the quick toy clean-up method.

Gather all the toys scattered around the room (and around the house) in a laundry basket or a large box and then take the basket or box to the toy storage area and return the toys to their designated bins. Using this method, you should only make one or two trips around the room instead of making a trip to put each item away.

I hope you can put these tips to use and here’s to getting life organized in 2012! Happy New Year!
Leigh commented on 26-Dec-2011 01:03 PM
This is my goal for this week!! Too. Many. Toys.
Kathleen Kirk commented on 29-Dec-2011 11:52 AM
Thanks (:

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