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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

By Katie Moosbrugger

For more than a year our spies have been roaming the Triad looking for TMoM car magnets, and we're proud to say we've spotted several and have rewarded many loyal TMoM fans. As you know, when you're spotted with the TMoM magnet, you will win prizes PLUS a chance to win a $50 gift card of your choice to any venue in the Triad! (restaurant, Target, grocery store, gas card - you name it!) 

But every so often we spot a car magnet that has not been registered in our contest, and we're unable to reward the driver with a prize. Today we are featuring those unregistered cars in the hopes of discovering more winners. You never might be one of them!

The following photos are of cars that are NOT registered in our contest. If one of these cars is yours, please email me at so I can reward you with a prize! If you don't have a magnet and want to join in this fun contest, details are at the end of this post.

Mystery Car #1

Mystery Car #2

Mystery Car #3

Mystery Car #4

Mystery Car #5

Mystery Car #6

How to get a car magnet and register in our contest:
1.) Follow this link and scroll down to order your TMoM car magnet for just $2.  
2.) Click this link to register. (This is mandatory so we can identify you when your vehicle is spotted.)
3.) We have "spies" all over the Triad who will email us with the cars they spot who are sporting a TMoM magnet.
4.) We will check our registrations to find out who the is owner of the car.
5.) We will email you and announce your name on our website & Facebook page as the winner of one of our prizes.
6.) After ten winners are spotted, all ten of those will be thrown in a hat to win the $50 gift card. Then the contest starts all over again!

How easy is that? Good luck!
Emily commented on 16-Jan-2014 06:24 PM
Hey Rach! I was proud to sport the TMoms magnet on my car, but while in the HT parking lot at Thruway a few months ago, someone else obviously loved it, too.....because they took it....along with a few other super cool car magnets!!
Would love to continue to sport the TMoms logo. Any chance of getting a replacement?

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