By Charlotte Bowman with Muscogee Moms

Last year, Rachel and I met Charlotte Bowman of Muscogee Moms (in Georgia) at a Chick-fil-A sponsored blogger meet-and-greet, and since then, we’ve been following each others’ sites. Today we are featuring a cute post from her blog that we know all moms can relate to. If you have friends in family near Columbus, GA, encourage them to log on and follow Muscogee Moms! ~ Katie

Most of parenting is learn-as-you-go, but there are some things every mom should know. Read on for some hilarious tips from Muscogee Mom’s Facebook fans that will make your life as a parent a little bit easier.

1. How to turn off the water main at the street.
2. How to dispose of the dead rodents your dogs bring up to the patio before your toddler sees them.
3. That you can’t be “super mom” all the time.
4. How to unclog the toilet when toys have been flushed (or a whole roll of toilet paper, for that matter).
5. How to get your kids to eat veggies.
6. How to check the oil and coolant in the car, and change out the wipers and serpentine belt.
7. That this too shall pass…screaming, colic, only eating chicken nuggets.
8. How to tell if your child is really too sick to go to school or if he is fakin’ it!
9. How to say No when other parents say Yes.
10. That you should NEVER smell your little boys finger if he asks you to!
11. How to take a deep breath before you deal with those teenage boy grades.
12. How to change a flat tire…rain or shine.
13. How to get a small object out if your child’s nose.
14. How to reset a fuse.
15. How to find a bathroom in a hurry (Because your child has to go — now!).
16. How to feed a baby bottle and apply make up at same time. (Sweet babies don’t wait for you to get ready)
17. How to get to your son’s poop on the floor before the dog eats it. (Oh the joys of potty training!)
18. How to laugh about the small stuff (Such as eggs in your bed because your daughter said eggs are for cracking).
19. How to clean up throw-up.
20. How to pick your battles. If you over-react, think about her locking her baby sister or brother outside… It could always be worse!

What else can you add to this list?

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