First impressions mean everything, especially in the hair care industry. But when you first walk into Mt. Tabor Barber & Style Shop in Winston-Salem you might be surprised to learn it won “Best Place for Kids’ Haircuts” in our 2011 Choice Awards. It’s your typical barber shop complete with casual “regulars” getting chatty with the barbers, an old fashioned cash register (only cash and checks are accepted), a gumball machine, and a simple focus on cutting hair and making customers happy.

So when I asked what makes getting a haircut at Mt. Tabor Barber Shop so fun for kids, you probably won’t be surprised at their answer…

“Two things,” says Heather Hall, barber and daughter of the owner, “Lollipops and Nick Jr.”

That’s right. Kids love coming to Mt. Tabor Barber Shop for the simple things, and parents love it because the employees are wonderful, the prices are great, and there are just not a whole lot of old-fashioned barber shops around that are the real-deal like Mt. Tabor Barber & Style.

Triad native, and Mt. Tabor Barber Shop owner, Billy Mitchell (pictured above cutting hair) grew up always dreaming of owning his own business. His parents were farmers and instilled a very strict work ethic on Billy which has carried over to his adult life. Billy’s neighbor, who happened to own Sherwood Barber Shop, was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident. And at age 21, Billy bought the business from his late neighbor’s wife.

Billy’s first shop was located in the Sherwood Shopping Center, then he moved it to the Pavilion Shopping Center, and now the current shop stands at 3504 Polo Road in Winston-Salem. This July 4, Mt. Tabor Barber & Style will celebrate 20 years at its current location!

Today, Billy runs the business and tends to customers as a barber, along with his immediate family who are all also barbers: his wife, Sue; his oldest child, Rickey; and his two daughters Heather Hall and Kayla Frenette (pictured left). Heather also manages the shop’s Facebook page.

Despite the fact the entire family lives in Stokes County, Billy always wanted his shop located in Winston-Salem because he knows the “walk-in” business would be busier and there would be more clients attract.

And what a following his business attracts. Mt. Tabor has a fiercely loyal customer base, with clients from all over Stokes, Forsyth, Davie, Davidson and Yadkin counties. Some customers even drive in from Charlotte and the Lake Norman area.

When asked what they do differently, Heather replied (while choking back tears), “Good question and not an easy one. I don’t think we are different. I just think we know our customers and if we don’t when you come in, we will when you leave. We truly see our customers as family and we just feel so blessed.”

Heather adds that 40 percent of its customers are kids. “We love our kids and we love watching them grow. The kids you service become your family. I celebrate every milestone with them.”

In addition to Billy’s family, four other employees work at Mt. Tabor Barber Shop: Marty Smith, Sonya Fain, Shelly Stewart, and Brice Gause. “They may not be blood related, but they are family at heart,” says Heather.

Mt. Tabor Barber & Style is open every day but Sundays. Doors open at 5 am each day, and close at 6 pm Monday – Friday, and at 4 pm on Saturday. All haircuts are $13 – for men, women and children, alike. The phone number is 336-765-5691.

Congrats Mt. Tabor Barber & Style! We enjoyed our visit and we’ll definitely be back!