By Dr. Tom Nixon, owner of Twin City Health

Before we begin, you should know that you are doing better than you think you are! The simple fact that you are reading this shows you love your children. Take a few moments today and celebrate all the WINS you have experienced with your kids. Chances are, there are way more than you realize if you take the time to focus on them.

From our family to yours, here are some tips we hope you find helpful.

1 – Avoid Sugar and Processed Foods

Did you know Flintstones Complete Vitamins, “Pediatrician’s #1 Choice” (according to their packaging) contain Aspartame, sugar, and artificial flavors? Even worse are the included food dyes, Blue #2, Red #40, and Yellow #6, which have been linked to allergies, ADHD, and behavior issues. Vitamins are intended to create health, boost the immune system and add to overall well-being, not contain toxic ingredients. Check out the ingredients for yourself here.

Today, thousands of chemical food additives can be found in food products and the average American consumes 150-170 pounds of sugar a year. Help your family eat clean by avoiding processed foods, sodas, and sugary drinks (opt instead for home-made fruit infused water). Shop the perimeter of the store where fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and perishable items can be found, and develop the habit of reading the ingredients of everything you purchase. As a general rule, if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, it’s usually best to avoid them.

2- Take care of YOU

As a mom, it’s way too easy to put everyone’s needs above your own. There are obvious things like eating well and staying active, but you can also start with the small things. Go for a gratitude walk outside. Take a bath. Develop a relaxing night time routine. Say no to activities that don’t add value to your life. Stay connected with friends and other moms to avoid feeling isolated – you are NOT alone in your emotions! Write down the things that bring you joy and incorporate at least one a month. When you take care of you, you are better equipped to take care of others. You’re worth it!

3 – Build Strong Immune Systems

Get outside and play! Keeping kids active and moving has numerous benefits. Kids use their imaginations while exploring the great outdoors, they move their joints as they run, and one of the best benefits is their exposure to sun. We know that the sun (not excess sun exposure) helps the body create vitamin D3. This is extremely important for kids’ immune systems, strong muscles and healthy bones.

4 – Chiropractic Care  

Kids getting adjusted may sound strange to some, but more and more parents are bringing their children to trusted chiropractors who specialize in pediatrics and wellness. Children of all ages (from birth to teenagers) have experienced amazing results with ear infections, acid reflux, allergies, digestive issues, asthma, headaches, difficulty nursing and latching, focus issues, and overall health.

Wellness chiropractors don’t actually treat the symptom. Instead, the goal is to get to the root cause of health issues, correct them, and allow the body to heal naturally. A common misconception is that chiropractic is only helpful for relieving back and neck pain. The nervous system controls every human function and allows for communication to take place between the brain and body. The spine protects all nerves that make up this communication system. When a child’s spine (or adult’s) moves out of alignment from something like a fall or poor posture, the vertebrae can put pressure on the nerves, impacting whatever that nerve goes to. For example, if there is a misalignment in the neck affecting the nerve that controls the inner ear, it can stop the tube from draining properly, causing fluid to build up, resulting in an ear infection. A medication would simply treat the infection but the goal of chiropractic is to find the root cause of the issue, take pressure off the nerves, and allow the body to heal without drugs or surgery.

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Dr. Tom and Marissa Nixon are the owners of Twin City Health, a family chiropractic and wellness center. Dr. Nixon was inspired to become a chiropractor after watching his Dad, through a natural route, reverse his diabetes, heart disease, and come off all his medication. Marissa, originally a huge chiropractic skeptic, underwent quite the change of heart after experiencing relief from almost a lifetime of terrible migraines. Together, they are incredibly grateful for the natural health knowledge they’ve acquired for themselves (and their son, Lincoln!) and are passionate about sharing that knowledge with other families. Their hope is to empower, encourage, and educate each person to take steps toward a healthier and more fulfilled life.

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