By TMoM Team Member Britney Dent

Preparing to go to college is usually a stressful time for parents and their children. It’s a time of great change, with a lot of laughs and tears. Even though your high schooler may be ready to go to college, it’s still a big adjustment. The more prepared for college they are, the better their chances of getting accepted, succeeding in college, and staying happy during their time away at school.

You’ll want to give your child the best information and support possible. Every child is different, but there are some things that every college-bound student should know.

Remember the Importance of More Than “Book-Learning”

Colleges look for students with diverse experiences and not all of them take place in the classroom. In order to provide your high schooler with the best college preparation possible, do all you can to ensure they’re ready for life inside and outside of the classroom.

5 College Preparation Tips

  1. Remind them that their relationships with teachers and coaches matter. They will write recommendation letters.
  2. Repeat that they have your support – no matter what direction life takes them. For instance, they may not choose the college you want.
  3. Equip them with knowledge about alcohol, drugs, sex, and other serious matters. They will be exposed to these even more.
  4. Provide all information needed for testing and financial aid applications. Yes, they need your income info!
  5. Discuss the future with real world examples, so they’re focused on success. Have your student conduct informational interviews with college students or those in careers that interest them.

There is so much to prepare for college. Some of that is due to differences in personality, but some of it also depends on how far away the college is from home. If a student is living at home, his college experience may be far different than a student who is hundreds or even thousands of miles away from his parents. Keep this in mind as you search, prepare, and choose too!

The influence you have over your child throughout high school will change when they go off to college. Understand that even the best parenting doesn’t always save a child from challenges. You can prepare your child for college, but then it’s up to them.

College Prep

The Value of Education in Today’s World

Education is becoming more and more valuable with each passing year. Technology is changing the way things are done and those with higher education are generally the ones who see the most success. It is often hard to get a high schooler to take the future seriously, but imparting good information is vital.

When you see your student off to college, remember that there will be somewhat of a trial and error style of learning, at least at first. Some people are ready for college right out of high school, and some aren’t. If your child isn’t ready and doesn’t perform well, don’t despair. He can attend college at a later date and do just fine.

In short, don’t assume that your child will perform exactly the way you expect; all you can do is give the best information and support you have to offer. Keep in mind that your young adult is an individual and will have to find his or her own way. The life experienced in college and beyond is up to them!

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