By Guest Blogger Bonnie McDaniel, FCA Administrator

Have you ever done the math? The average, full-time student attends class 7 hours a day, 5 days a week for 45 weeks a year. Annually, that is 1,575 hours your school-aged child is sitting in front of or interacting with adults who become their role models and who influence the way they see the world. Realizing that fact should make us, as parents, more conscientious of who is standing in front our children.

First Christian Academy’s teaching staff is comprised of strong Christians modeling and teaching not only quality Christian education but also a strong Biblical worldview built on Christian values and character for students ranging from age 2 through 12th grade.

As Administrator of the Academy, I could list the facts about our school and about all of the wonderful programs we have but you would know I am biased. Instead, I would like you to read for yourselves what our families are saying about FCA.

Academy Mom – Kathie

“Before I became a mom I would chuckle to myself as I listened to my friends agonize over choosing the best school for their child. I could not imagine spending that kind of time researching and worrying about finding the best school to entrust to teach my child. Weren’t all schools alike? Don’t laugh; I was a naive girl from a small Midwestern town where there were no educational options. Everyone went to public school and we all turned out just fine, right?

After the birth of my son, 8 weeks early, my life was filled with questions and worries regarding his education long before he was of school age. I came to a place where I not only understood the agony of researching schools, but was drowning in it. I ventured out and visited more schools than I care to admit. However, just like trying on wedding gowns, the first school I toured turned out to be the one I chose. The others simply did not compare. This school was First Christian Academy in Kernersville. After many months of gut wrenching analyzing and worrying and prayer, I made my choice and it has proven to be an excellent choice not only for my son, but for my family as well. At once, I felt a community of staff and teachers that would provide a safe and loving atmosphere for my son to receive an excellent education coupled with a Christian worldview.

Initially, my son struggled in the classroom setting behaviorally as well as academically. He is a sweet boy with a very tender heart and I worried about how to help him and encourage him without crushing his spirit. His teacher and the administrator got involved with me and we worked together to encourage him at school as well as at home and found a way to help him feel and be successful. At the end of his 2nd grade year, he was diagnosed with ADHD. It was truly no surprise to any of us, but what was surprising to me still was how it was handled at school. He has never been labeled, it has always been discreetly discussed, and he has been loved through the entire process, as have I.

Fast forward to now, the end of his 3rd grade year and today my son continues to thrive in his education at FCA. He makes straight A’s, is confident in his abilities, participates in class, and knows he is loved. I sit on the School Board and have embraced the opportunity to be involved in the inner workings of this awesome school as well as helping to make decisions that continue to shape our school and its students. One of the biggest things for me, personally, is the Academy’s ability to handle any situation on a case-by-case basis. All of the students are recognized as being individuals that were wonderfully made by God and are handled as such.”

Academy Mom -Lesa

“We are very thankful for First Christian Academy, as it has remained our family’s choice for education for the last 10 years. The reasons range from the choice of curriculum used in core subjects to the array of extra curricular classes, clubs, and activities that afford a well-rounded and competitive education for our children. The small school setting creates a clear sense of community and family that is appealing to us as we choose the education environment for our twin 9th graders, fourth grader, and our first grader.

The academic excellence for which the teachers and staff spur our students on to achieve is a reality in their lives. This goal of academic excellence began with a strong and consistent Christian foundation set forth early by the Academy’s Kindergarten staff as they helped to lay a firm educational foundation for each of our four children. Our high expectations for our children’s school career has continued to be met at each succeeding grade level by caring and supportive teachers who not only love and pray for their students, but set a high standard for both academics and character in the classroom. These high standards spill over into all areas of school life for the children. Not only have we seen both academic and character growth in our children, they recognize this growth in themselves.”

To learn more about FCA go to or call to schedule a tour at 336-996-1660. We would also like to invite you to come to1130 N. Main in Kernersville for our Open House and Backyard Bash on Sunday, April 15 from 2-4 PM or to our Open House on Thursday, May 3 from 5 to 7 PM to see for yourself all that First Christian Academy has to offer. Come experience the difference.

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