By Katie and Rachel

Here at TMoM we often thank our readers and sponsors for helping us make our site one of the premier resources for parents across the Triad. It’s true – we could not be what we are today without such support. We just celebrated TMoM’s 5th birthday, and we feel blessed every day!

But sometimes we don’t tell you enough about our incredible team members who work behind the scenes. They are truly the heart and soul our site. Two of them have been with us (a.k.a “put up with us”!) for years, and we’re excited to announce we’ve added several more ladies to our staff. They each have an important role on our team – from sales and guest blogging to populating our calendar and being a TMoM ambassador to updating our directory and graphic design to strategizing and envelope stuffing. Not only do they excel in their roles but they also offer us advice, feedback and suggestions to make our site even better. They are all local moms – representing every area of our Triad – so they know the kind of stuff parents in our area want to read and learn about. And obviously their insight and advice is well received.

Today we are featuring these special team members so you know who they are and what they do! Perhaps you  recognize some of these ladies from around town. Maybe you did not realize they worked at TMoM in addition to their other responsibilities, including their most important (and time consuming) job as “Mom.” Or it may be that you already knew how hard working and amazing these women are. Either way, we invite you to meet our team and visit our About Us page to learn more about our individual team members. Above all, please leave a comment below to thank them for all they do for TMoM!

Here’s looking at a fabulous 2016!

 2015-Ashleigh-with-frame1 2015-Dani-with-frame1 2015-Sarah-Blackwell-with-frame

2015-Heather-Keenan-with-frame-183x300 2015 Emily Lyons with frame

2015-Sloan-with-frame1 2015 Mary with frame

2015-Kristie-with-frame.jpg 2015-Kelly-with-frame1

Click HERE to view our About Us page to learn
more about each team member individually!