By Heather Keenan

It has happened again. Here it is, mid December, and I have not done one of those insanely adorable crafts that I pinned, with sincere intention, to do with my kids. Not one. Ah, well, as is life. As is my life, anyway. Usually I would beat myself up about this, as obviously every other mother on the planet is doing holiday crafts with their children. Pinterest told me so. But this year, I am taking it in stride. I am going all out, non-crafty style, and I couldn’t be happier.

Sure, it’s great to have those super sentimental, handmade, kid ornaments and decorations. I love them, really! And guess what? They make tons of them. In school. They bring them home and I “ooohhh and ahhh” over every single one as I hang them up in their appropriate places. At the end of each holiday season, I carefully tissue wrap them and safely tuck them away until I can break out their cuteness again the following year.

I, however, am not that crafty mom, no matter how much I amp myself up. It is just not my bag, and now that I have made peace with that, I love the holidays even more. So, for all of you non-crafters, like me, lets talk traditions, minus the glue gun. You crafters out there, feel free to read along as well, I’m sure you guys need a break every once in a while!

Tradition One: A Ride with Rudolph
Yep, you guessed it, I’m that person with the antlers and red nose on my vehicle. To be honest, I wasn’t sure my six year old appreciated me pulling up at the car line, Rudolph-ed out, this year, but she took it well. Once (probably more like three times) a season, after pajamas are on, I tell my tribe to load up and we are off to check out the lights! First we stop for some ice cream and off to the big neighborhoods we go! No one appreciates holiday lights like kids do. It could be a yard full of time consuming displays or an inflated Santa on the porch, they love them all. And the ice cream kills the darkness in between houses. Sure they’re all jacked up on sugar once we get home, but they crash…..eventually.

Tradition Two: Cookies
I am also not a baker. I have tried, cried, and given up. Peanut Butter Cookies are a go to at my house. If I can make them, you can, too, friend. Just mix those three ingredients, chill in the fridge, and then let your little ones ball up that dough. The best part is the criss-cross on the top, you would think they had imitated The Mona Lisa. These are also great gifts! (Check for peanut allergies, beforehand, please!)

Tradition Three: Movie Time
This can take place at home or at a theater. Usually, for us, it is at home. Once the living room floor is clear, the pj’s are on, the pillows and blankets are out, the hot chocolate and popcorn is made, and the holiday movie is decided on (which, believe me, with three kids, is the hardest part), you can kick back and relax. Lucky for us adults, most of the holiday flicks out there, even kid ones, are more than entertaining for everyone involved. I mean, it has to be better than watching Frozen for the 98th time, right?

So, see, non-crafters? There is hope for us yet. Don’t let Pinterest judge you! Holidays are for us all, whether we are glue gun capable or more of a microwave popcorn kinda gal. No matter what traditions you decide to provide for your little elves, know this, they will love them and remember them for years to come.

Happy Holidays, everyone!!