By Jennifer Guidry

Those of you who have teenagers live quite a different life than those with little ones. One of our TMoM readers, Jennifer, has given us some insight into living with teens in the 21st century. She has a 16-year-old son and a 15-year-old daughter and claims to have mastered the skills of texting, blogging, and emailing just so she can communicate effectively with them both while she works a full-time job!

We all know how quickly times have changed and I am sure our teens cannot even fathom what our lives were like as teens without cell phones, computers, texting, or Facebook.

I think you will love this post … Rachel H

A Day in the Life of the Modern Teenage Girl
Wake around noon
Text BFF you’re awake
Text BFF you’re done peeing
Put cell in plastic bag
Text while conditioner sits
Eat and text
Go with Mom to pick up BFF
Text her you’re coming
Pick up BFF and go to mall
On way text her so mom can’t hear your conversation
Arrive at mall
Text Mom you are at Mall
Walk around Mall
Text BFF in next dressing room about dress you have on
Repeat until Mom comes back
Text Mom “WHR R U?!” as she pulls up
Text BFF about all the fun you had at the Mall
Take BFF home
Text BFF during dinner, but only when Gossip Girl goes to commercials.
Kiss Mom and Dad and head to your room
Text BFF how weird your parents are
Put on PJs
Text BFF you’re back
Text stupid cute guy in class who loves your BFF. Copy BFF on all texts.
Repeat well past Midnight
Sleep ‘til noon…

A Day in the Life of the Modern Day Teenage Boy
Play video games
Grunt all responses to adults
DO NOT shower

Gotta love it! For some moms, this was probably a perfect summary of their everyday life, while for others it’s a glimpse into the future! Thanks, Jennifer, for a good laugh!