Although you will hope to never stay in this house, if fate determines that you do so, it is a place that will quickly feel like home. I had the pleasure of touring the Ronald McDonald House in Winston-Salem this past weekend. An addition was recently put on the existing house and it is nothing short of gorgeous.

If you are unfamiliar with the Ronald McDonald House, it is a home where out-of-town families can stay if and when they have a sick child who is receiving services in the hospital. It is a place that it filled with so much love, it is amazing. Everyone who works there is so proud of the House and all it offers to families who need support. Why shouldn’t they be? With the new addition to the House, it now has 35 bedrooms to offer to these families. There is always a waiting list, but after this expansion, our local RMH can help twice as many families as they have been able to assist in years past.

I wanted to share with you somewhat of a photo album of my visits to the RMH this past weekend. The first photos are from my tour inside the house on Saturday. I toured the house with some extraordinary local bloggers and we were in awe throughout the entire tour. The second set of photos are from the Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies on Sunday. This was open to the public, and as you can see, everyone had a blast celebrating the good our community can do together.

Tour of the Ronald McDonald House …

Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies …
Much of the success of the RMH is due to volunteers. Please consider donating some of your time this year. You cannot imagine the lives you touch through this process. You can also always donate items on the wish list, such as disinfecting wipes, plastic utensils, laundry detergent, cups, word find books, and single serve meals.

For more ways to donate and become a part of this amazing program, visit or visit the blog at