Last month, we added a new division to our business and this month we’ve added a whole new look to our website! Our team is moving and grooving all in the hopes of making parenthood just a little easier for our Triad families!

As you can tell, our new website has a new feel to it. You spoke, and we listened. We hope this new website accomplishes the many things our readers have been asking for, including easier navigation and a mobile-friendly site. We’ve been hard at work on this site for months and months, but we know there are still a few kinks to work out. Please keep in mind that we will be “tweaking” things on the site over the next week in order to have it up and running exactly as we had intended. We also still have a few blogs in the works that we are transferring over to our new site, so if you have an old favorite that you can’t find – don’t fret – it will eventually make its way over!

In the meantime, if you see any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact or We will do our best to work with our fantabulous web-designer to get everything running smoothly.

Areas of interest:

1. Site Info – Important links for our business are found across the very top of the website. You will see links for Advertising, Team Member Bios, Baby Business and more. Here you will also find our links to Social Media as well as a search bar that will come in handy as you look for specific topics on our site.

2. Daily Blogs – The the main content of our site can be found by using the long grey bar that runs across the page. Take some time to click on each category. You will see sub-cats under each one that will house all of our archived daily blogs. Also on the home page, you will notice one large photo with a blog title and six smaller ones. These are the current day’s blog, and the previous six. These will rotate daily as new blogs are added. Once you do not see a blog anymore, don’t worry – it can always be found on an archived category, by entering the key words in the search bar or by clicking the Blog Roll page.

3. Five Most Visited Pages –
When you visit our home page, scroll down past the daily blog photos and you will see five square boxes with photos across the page. These are the five places our readers seem to visit the most, so we thought we’d make these simple for you to find.
“Blog Roll” will host the past month’s worth of blogs.
“Giveaways” will lead you to a giveaway page where you will ALWAYS find one or two giveaways running on our website. Take a chance and enter! There are no strings attached!
“Newsletter” will take you to the most recent newsletter that was emailed to our subscribers. You can sign up to have this delivered right into your email box every Wednesday by entering your address in the sign-up box.
“Local Events” will take you to the events page, which hosts a local calendar of family-friendly events and date night ideas. Next to the calendar will be featured events that you will definitely want to check out! If you want your event added to our calendar, email us at any time!
“Directories” will lead you to a list of helpful local directories compiled by our team. These include Kids Eat Free, Child Care, Schools, Consignment Sales, Camps, and more. Click on any topic to visit that directory, and take note of the featured ones below the main list. We will keep this section populated with the most visited directories at that time of year.

4. Comments – We know it was a royal pain to comment on blogs on the old version of our website and we have now made this so much easier! Once you comment, your info will be stored and you will no longer have to fill it in every time. If you wish to comment anonymously, simply log out, and leave the boxes blank. It may take a few hours for your comment to be approved, but as long as it does not contain slander, it will be posted. We LOVE your comments! They tell us what you like to see more of on the site, they offer ideas and hope to other readers, and best of all, they make our bloggers feel terrific! So please keep those comments coming! (Please note that comments on blogs from the former site were not able to transfer.)

5. Mobile Version – Our new site looks incredible on your iPhone, iPad, Samsung and lap top! It may take a few days for you to get used to the new format, but we hope it will be extremely user-friendly so that you can use TMoM on the go!

6. Home Page – Any time you want to get back to the home page, just click on our logo at the top of the screen.

7. Side Bar – Aside from the home page, on almost every page you visit, you will see the same sidebar along the right side of your screen. This includes a box to sign up for the newsletter, a link to visit the most recent blogs, a link to visit the most popular blogs, a link to see recent comments, and banner ads from our wonderful sponsors! Please click on the ads and show some love to those who keep TMoM going strong by sponsoring ads on our website. They are all family-related businesses who would love your patronage.

What else would you like to know about on our new and improved website? Feel free to comment below or email us with any questions. Most all all … enjoy! Click the car logo at the top of the site to return to our home page and start exploring!