By TMoM Team Member Dennette Bailey

There are lots of reasons to staycation instead of traveling to a vacation destination. Cruises might be so popular because they have a staycation type of vibe- once you arrive you have everything in one area. You never have to get in a vehicle, you can walk everywhere you need to go ,and go and take a quick nap and start again if you need to. I might have just convinced you to take a cruise and if so reach out to Rachel Plans Your Vacay, but if you are still on board for the staycation- there are lots of reasons to do so.

Reasons for a staycation vary from: avoiding the lines, the inconvenience of seating and ill-mannered passengers, Packing and unpacking, setting the alarm then obsessing on whether or not you set the alarm or closed the garage door. You could invest in technology so you don’t have to obsess on whether you closed the garage or set the alarm (but that is another expense), finding somewhere to lodge the pets while you are away or finding accommodations that accept your pets -the list goes on.

A staycation can be creative and cost effective if you do it right. This is more than just an idea of things to do but how to do them so you spend your money and your time wisely and as a result you get the most enjoyment possible.

A staycation can low key double as a decorating budget. For example, if you are looking for a spring get away think about what mood or emotions you are looking to experience? Are you looking to smell the flowers-literally? See greenery? Consider a spring get away at home. This would require you to buy some fresh flowers and plants, maybe some new curtains for the room or rooms in your home that you will dedicate to this staycation. Dedicating the staycation space ahead of time is very important to creating the experience. If you will use a bedroom and of course need a bathroom -these spaces must be part of the plan. If the kitchen will be used -it must be considered.

The previous idea doesn’t require a construction crew just some key items to change the mood, such as: spring scented candles, bright colored sheets (splurge on the cotton), fresh flowers, new comfy bath towels, and pretty soap or at least some soap you usually avoid during your regular shopping because of the extra cost. Consider investing in a couple of do not disturb signs-maybe even a lock if you share your home with people who will be in it during this staycation. Consider getting a disposable phone so you can use the phone if you need to but you will not be disturbed (or tempted to work) on your staycation without an emergency code.

If you have a smart television in your staycation you can utilize YouTube to have a rolling scenery. The bigger your television the more you can feel like you are smack dab in the middle of Paris during the spring. Maybe a beach scenery is better, to make you feel like you are at the beach. Consider going to the library and getting books about the destination you are trying to create. Position them in your space to assist in your ambience.

Next you must decide on your meals. Will you order out or go out to eat. Plan on visiting restaurants you have not eaten at before. Choose ones that go along with the mood you are trying to create. Get referrals from friends or great blogs like TMoM to find great places to eat. You might also consider hiring a chef to create meals for you. One the other hand, try a meal experience. Smack N Peace in Greensboro NC advertises a chef that provides an actual experience and could be a great option for your staycation.

Also, contemplate hiring someone to clean your home after your staycation experience. This way not only do you not need to unpack. Instead, you get the same convenience a hotel offers by not having to clean up afterwards. TMoM blogs have lots of referrals for home cleaning solutions. You might also consider purchasing fancy throw away dishes. Thus, you step up your experience without feeling like your compromising eating out of paper products.

Activities can be just as exciting during your staycation as they would be if you traveled. If you live in a complex with a pool prepare to use the pool! Pick hours your neighbors are more likely to be at work and school. Visit the many parks, museums, and art galleries you haven’t visited yet in your own city.

Hire a masseuse or pedicurist to come to your home and pamper you in the staycation room. Be sure you do not over plan. Every hour does not need to be accounted for. Do not forget to get some actual rest and sleep.

Have you tried a staycation in the past and didn’t find it to be gratifying? Maybe these ideas could offer a more fulfilling experience. A staycation is not just about not having to pack or take transportation. It may be about saving money or it may simply be about convenience. A staycation can make taking a mental break more convenient. The added benefit of being able to continue to utilize some of the items you have bought for this staycation. Items like, fresh flowers that are sure to last at least a couple weeks, towels, sheets, candles etc. that can be used at another time, are icing on the cake.

I personally am planning a mountain staycation. I don’t have a mountain home. Yet, I am designing a mountain escape through ambience utilizing these very ideas. Actually, I have already bought a couple throws with bear and horse prints that will not go to waste for future use!

Happy Staycationing!

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