It is that time of year again where the symphony season is just getting started.  If you were reading our site last winter, you may remember my post saying I was one of those people who was originally very skeptical about the symphony.  I had the typical stereotypes in my head of a stuffy, monotonous evening.  But I gave the Winston-Salem Symphony a try and was more than impressed.  Within the year I went back to the symphony four times!  I took my husband to the symphony twice on a date night, invited six other couples to join us for the symphony and dinner afterward, and then even took my children to the Discovery Concert Series. I am telling you – you have to give it a try!  And now is a great time to do so because the W-S Symphony is offering a fabulous special.  Parents will receive a free date night concert with the purchase of a discovery season subscription!  More details below …

In case you are new to the Winston-Salem Symphony world, I will tell you that there are four types of concerts you can attend 1) The Discovery Concert Series for Children, 2) Kicked-Back Classics, 3) Plugged-In Pops, and 4) the Classics.

The Discovery concert series has three shows geared toward children.  Not only do these concerts help expose children to the symphony, but they are interactive and educational as well.  This year, the shows include Bravo Dr. Seuss, Symphony Safari, and Space Rocks.  Prior to each show, there is a “musical petting zoo” where children can view all of the instruments close up and even try to play them! Seats are only $9 each, and if you purchase tickets for the season, you will receive a date night concert for free.

Plugged-In Pops are concerts where you will more than likely be humming the tunes to yourself as the symphony entertains you.  This year’s line up includes a tribute to the Beatles, an 80’s night, a New Year’s Eve Concert, and coming up on October 29th, The Music of Queen.  One of these would be perfect for a date night.  Last year my husband and I attended a “Simply Sinatra” concert and loved, loved, loved every moment of it!

Kicked-Back Classics are just what the name implies.  These evenings are laid-back performances where you can come dressed casual.  The conductor, Robert Moody, converses with the audience and even explains in details what may be going on in front of you and why things are done certain ways.  The concert is only an hour long, and most of the time, you will want it to last longer.  The music for this concert is a condensed version of the Classics concerts. Then, after the concert you can even join “Bob” and orchestra members for a post concert drink at Brews with Bob.  We’ve heard that on October 15 they will be just down the street from the Stevens Center at Rana Loca. This is one of the concerts that I asked my supper club to attend, and all of the men and women really enjoyed themselves!  We have talked about getting a date together to go back this year.

Last but not least are the Classics.  These concerts are for the true symphony lovers who can sit back and let the music take over.  You will be absolutely in awe of the talent you will hear and see on that stage.  Dvorak and the Butterfly Lovers Concerto is the next concert in this series.  You can choose from one of two shows – Sunday, October 16 at 3pm or Tuesday, the 18th at 7:30pm.

To order tickets for any concert, simply visit or call 464.1045.  To take advantage of the special mentioned above (purchase a subscription to the Discovery Series and receive a date night concert for free) just call the symphony box office and mention the code TMOM.

Sponsored by the Winston-Salem Symphony