By Lindsey Cox

Adam Mowery is a local photographer from High Point, North Carolina serving the Triad area and beyond. While he is widely known for his commercial work and his photographic art, it’s Adam’s unique style of capturing children in portraiture that makes him stand out among the crowd. Adam has been creating fine art through photography for more than fourteen years, and has extensive experience capturing life from behind the lens.

Adam’s passion for photography stems from his love for his family. He is a loving dad and stepdad to five highly active, creative, and awesome kids. This role has gifted him with the ability to capture the uniqueness and personality of each child in his photography. Adam is able to tell a personalized story for each child he photographs, with rave reviews from parents…and grandparents alike.

Adam knows that great portraits start with having fun, especially when you’re photographing children. (And Adam knows a lot about having fun…he’s still a kid at heart!) All of his children and family photography sessions are done in a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere, where everyone can just be themselves. After all, having your picture taken should be an enjoyable and memorable experience…even for little munchkins who get tired easily.

Adam forgoes a lot of forced smiles and unnatural poses. Instead, he embraces the natural expressions and real emotions of the moment.  He strives to celebrate true life, love, and family in his photography. Years down the road, when you look back at your images, you will remember the experience like it was yesterday, and you’ll cherish them for years to come. Adam’s goal is to leave you with images that tug on your heart for years to come, helping you relive the emotion you felt on your wedding day or when your child took his first steps.  Adam wants to help you tell a story of your family – the way it really happened.

Adam specializes in capturing exquisite portraits and photos of babies, children, and families using both studio and natural light. Whether you choose to have a personal session or a family session at home, at a favorite outdoor location, in a fun urban setting, or at a special venue, Adam knows exactly how to capture the moment and tell your story through his award-winning photography.

Best of all, Adam’s expertise and customer service don’t stop once the camera quits clicking. After your photography session, Adam and his wife, Amber Mowery, will walk you through all the necessary steps to help you order any portraits or photographic materials you’d like. Adam has extensive training in photographic design, editing, and retouching. (In other words, we make everyone look good!)

A portrait from Adam Mowery Photography is for families who wish to own original, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted portraits of their children at an affordable price. Whether it is a cherished maternity shot, moments with your newborn, a first birthday, or the day you walk your daughter down the aisle, Adam can capture the memory for a lifetime.

At Adam Mowery Photography, you don’t need a special occasion for a portrait – your portrait becomes the special occasion!

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