Our washing machine went kaput this past fall. After a couple attempts to have it fixed, we decided to take the plunge and just buy a new set. Our current set was pretty old, so I was clueless as to the latest and greatest in the washing machine world.

Thank goodness for Facebook! I posted a question and asked my friends what they would recommend. I got great feedback and knew it was coming from people like myself and not reviews written online by someone who may or may not be truthful.

I quickly realized that people were passionate about their appliances! Wow! I also had quite a few friends email me saying how much they appreciated the feedback my friends had given because they, too, were searching for a new set. I thought our TMoM readers would also like to read the advice I received …

RACHEL: I am looking to buy a new washer/dryer. I would LOVE feedback on any quality models or models you were unhappy with, front loader vs top loader, etc. Any advice is appreciated!
  • KELLY – Whirlpool Cabrio – Love them!
  • JENNY – We bought our Whirlpool front loader in 09. I really have enjoyed it. I like that you can put so many items in and it does not get off balance, but top loaders are probably more advanced now, and may not have that issue. Good luck;)
  • JULIE – I love a top loader! I always find stuff to add after it’s started. I have a Fisher Paykel and love it….the clothes come out of the washer barely damp. It’s really loud though, so is best if your washer dryer is upstairs!
  • COURTNEY – Love my LG front loaders.  Fisher paykel are always good too. Whirlpool tends to break down quicker.
  • SARAH – Rachel, I bought new ones recently and saved a TON by shopping at Sears Outlets online. I literally saved 1000’s by buying last years models in a color they didn’t have a match to (in Greensboro) by finding its match in Charlotte. May want to check it out.

  • CAMILLE – LG top loader is highest rated by Consumer Reports. IME, front loaders can smell.
  • ELAINE – I have lg front loaders with steam, love them, no problems with smell at all. I’ve had them for about a year now.
  • ALLEN – We’ve had LG front loader W&D for about 3 years now – no complaints.
  • CHERIE –  I have had 2 front loaders. I will get a Cabrio next time. Front loaders do stink and they are high maintenance. You have to leave the door open all the time, wipe out the rubber ring (boot), bleach cycles and more.

  • KARIN –  Good post. I bought our Maytag w/d in 1994. Still going strong. I keep thinking they will die. Isn’t that crazy!!!

  • BRETT – We have GE front loaders and love them, especially the dryer. They do make really good top loaders these days but after a decade of one that didn’t clean worth a crap, used tons of water, and made the towels stink, we went front load on a washer. All washers will smell if you don’t run a clean cycle every now and then. Ours has a specific cycle for it, just put a tiny bit of bleach in it and run it. My only beef with the front load washer is that is takes longer to wash clothes, but that’s because it uses very little water. The dryer is awesome and dries huge loads of towels in half the time our old one took.
  • GRETCHEN –  Front loaders.. Hands down!

  •  APRIL – I love our Whirlpool Duet front load washer. It will get stinky if you don’t run bleach through it for a cleaning cycle from time to time (I do that monthly unless it needs it sooner, which it never has), but I did that with my old top loader anyway b/c I would get grossed out when thinking about everything that washer had seen! Have fun picking something out!
  • MONICA – I have had top loaders and front loaders. I prefer top loaders by far. The Whirlpool top loader + dryer I currently have is 14 years old. Only one minor repair in the dryer after all that time.
  • MISSY – I bought a Kennmore top loader a couple of years back and love it. It is huge and I can fit lots in it which is key for me!
  • JAMAYA -We just bought a new w/d for our new house did tons of research. We have yet to use it, but here is the skinny on w/d according to consumer reports. LG and Samsung about equal for best buy. Front loaders plagued with complaints of mildew problems. Top loaders are now being made like front loaders (no center agitator) and with similar rpm’s of front loaders so clothes come out with less water and require shorter dryer time. We chose the newer top loader due to the above and the top loader seems easier bio mechanically, especially for a tall family. Oh and price!
  •  AMY – I have had LG front loaders for several years and love them! I now have them stacked which I love even more. Not much trouble with mildew, but I do keep it cleaned and leave the door cracked. Check out prices for whatever you choose at www.ajmadison.com. Free shipping and great prices. We buy all our appliances there, for the many kitchens we’ve remodeled!

  • LAURA – Keep in mind that if you have upper cabinets in your laundry room they will be hard to access with front loaders because they are so deep. I hated my front loader, actually bought a 10 yr old Maytag from a friend that I liked.

  • AMY –  Hey! I’ve enlightened a whole bunch of people already with the good advice from brad at convenient appliance- it’s known that front loaders stink but if you don’t use liquid detergent (powder is harder and harder to find- its a conspiracy!) you have no problems! I had stinky towels for years and then switched to powder and magically that all disappeared immediately! Love our front loader now!

  • KATE – Had top load for yrs, bought LG front load 3 yrs ago. Hate it.
    Even when I’m careful w the detergent & keep door open, it smells if you close it even for a little while. Thanks for the tip about the powder! Will try that. Already blew the pump too!!
    Definitely will go top load next time. The front loads are very deep too. Took up a lot of space in laundry room.
  • JULIA – I second the comment on powder! I tell people all the time to switch to powder when they complain of the front loaders smell. I read online that liquids have a fat in them that sticks in the tubing. I switched 2 years ago to powder and it completely eliminated the smell.
  • KATIE –  If you go with a front loader splurge and get the drawers for the bottom or you’ll have a sore back bending over load after load. I didn’t like mine until we finally got the drawers to hike them up. Love having oversize loads for comforters etc. so worth it!
  • ALEXANDRA – Have had GE “top of line” w&d 3 years. Awful. 4 service calls already. Same w/GE dishwasher. Starting kitchen upgrade & won’t consider GE anything. Had Kenmore w&d 15 yrs w/3 services (Kenmore fridge is 20 w/no service-but insides are falling apart-Steve cant understand why his old friend must go) but I’ve heard they’ve gone downhill too . I’d take a top load back any day, but “they” say top loaders use a lot more energy so they’re harder to find. Front load seems to smell a lot so I do a bleach load @ least every 5 washes, always take wet stuff out right away, & leave it open w/a dryer sheet in it. Sorry for long answer. Good luck!

  • ANDREA – I do NOT like our top loader Fisher&Paykel – I don’t think it does a great job.
  • JENNIFER – Top-load Whirlpool Cabrio set. Got it Labor Day Wknd sale at Lowe’s. They will match any price anywhere! (Even online!!). Love them!!!!
  • KELLY – Got my cabrio set @ Costco. Twice the warranty, and when the old set we had needed a repair, Costco does it all! It was awesome.

  • ANISE – Love my top load whirlpool cabrio set. We’ve had it for 3 years, no issues.

After reading this, I am sure you are probably just as confused as I was! After weighing the pros and cons of everything above, we ended up with the LG Wave Force Top loader washer & dryer set. I felt like the cons of the front loaders seemed to outweigh the pros.

Now, after having our new set for two months, let me say this … did unicorns and rainbows come flying out of my washer when the clothes were clean? No. Did I wash & dry in half the time? No. Did the clothes fold themselves and hop into dresser drawers? No. BUT, I am pleased with the results, glad I don’t have to do anything “extra” aside from starting each cycle like usual, and happy that I am saving a lot of energy and water. I love the amount of clothes I can wash at once and love the different options for cycles that cater to colors, towels, bulky bedding, whites, sports equipment, etc. Both the washer & dryer have a cute little ring when the cycle is finished, which makes me laugh because I feel like my washing machine is trying to make me think laundry is fun. (I’m not falling for it!) I also love that there is the steam option on the dryer!

So there you have it. Words of wisdom from everyday moms & dads who searched high and low for the perfect washer & dryer. Now it’s your turn. If you have purchased a new set within the last few years, tell us what kind you bought and what you think!

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