By Guest Blogger Allison Carter

Dear Santa: As a mom I spend a lot of time during Christmas focused on others, primarily my kids. Someone recently asked me what I want for Christmas and I realized I forgot to get my list in. Here it is:

– I want to sleep in (in my own bed, without screaming in the background) for as long as I want. Then I want to lie in my bed and not move for as long as I want.

– I want to watch an entire football game, start to finish, uninterrupted, on a Sunday afternoon.

– I want my skin to stop aging and my boobs to perk up.

– I want to protect my children from how mean the world can be, but I also want them to see the beauty of the world all the time.

– I want to have a lazy day of romance with my husband, like we did pre-kids.

– I want my children to grow up content, happy with life and their decisions, knowing that they are loved.

– I want to be friends with my sons when they grow up in to men but I want to be their mother until then. I want to know when it is time to transition.

– I want to have a glass of wine without feeling the immediate need to fall asleep afterwards.

– I want a day of shopping for just me, no Old Navy trips for hoodies for boys.

– I want to hug my kids forever and never stop.

I know that’s a lot to ask for, Santa. But you are magical, I have seen how happy you make my kids so I know you can do this. At the very least, I am sure we can do it together.

So, friends, what do YOU want for Christmas?