By Allison Tobey

I think we can all safely say we have experienced at least 5 of the top 10 most stressful life events that I recently found listed in a few articles. In no particular order, they are1) losing a job, 2) wedding planning (ridiculous, but true), 3) bereavement, 4) divorce, 5) work life, 6) home life, 7) debt, 8) pregnancy/new baby ,9)  illness, and 10) buying/selling a house.

I am pretty sure Amanda Shore and Lisa Gifford, of Allen Tate Realtors, a powerhouse real estate team in the Triad, have zero interest in helping out with #1-9, but I can personally vouch that they have #10 perfected!

My husband and I have bought and sold one too many times for it to be fun and exciting anymore. I find selling a house to be #1 on my most stressful life events. Like most moms I know, I seek out other mom’s recommendations for just about everything, especially when it comes to a real estate agent that can make magic happen.

If there is one mom’s opinion that I trust more than any other person, it is my friend and former neighbor, Maythi Calvert. Here’s what Maythi had to say about her experience with Amanda and Lisa:

“We cannot say enough positive things about our experience with Amanda & Lisa. As soon as we met them, we knew they were the perfect fit for us. They are both so passionate about their work, and it is very evident. They were easily accessible and always prompt in their communication with us. From listing our home, to advertising, to hosting open houses, to the process of getting our home under contract & SOLD!!! -we were incredibly pleased with Amanda & Lisa every step of the way. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a local realtor.”

When my husband and I decided to put our house on the market, it was an easy choice to ask Amanda and Lisa to be our agents because their style was a perfect fit for my personality. They worked every day and weekend to help us get the most exposure, foot traffic, and offers. What I loved most was their follow ups with potential buyers. I know we’ve all had the showings where the couple loved your house, didn’t have a negative thing to say, but to only drop off the face of the earth. Well, not with Amanda and Lisa! They will follow up until you get the information, positive or negative, that gives you the closure you need on that showing. That has always been extremely important for us…closure on a showing! All in all, these two women will work tirelessly until you get the results you need.

Take a minute to check out Amanda and Lisa’s blogs. You can find out information on the current market, how to secure loans, what NOT to do before closing on a home, how market value is determined, etc. It’s fantastic information for anyone interested in the local market.

Don’t forget these ladies were the 2011, 2012 and 2013 winners of TMoM’s Choice Awards for Best Real Estate Agents.

A big thanks to Amanda and Lisa for taking a little stress off my family during a crazy time in our lives.

Sponsored by Amanda Shore and Lisa Gifford of Allen Tate Realtors