I figured if I put “sex” in the title I would grab your attention.  In this post, however, I am referring to “sex” as “gender”, as in the gender of your baby.  (But if you really do want to read about sex, we’ve got some blogs here under our Couples & Marriage category!)

When I was pregnant with my children (almost nine and seven years ago), announcing the gender of the baby was not that big of a deal.  Most people who decided to find out the sex during their ultrasound simply called or emailed friends to tell them the exciting news of pink or blue.  Being the email junkie that I am, I am sure I sent an email to all my buddies with the subject line, “It’s A …”  and then revealed the gender in the text of the email.  Facebook was not around then, but I bet I would have chosen that route if it were!

But lately, the announcement of the gender seems to have become just as popular as the announcement of the pregnancy!  Last year’s biggest trend was to host a party or baby shower and use the cake coloring trick.  The expecting parents would order a cake or cupcake that seemed to be normal from the exterior, but once the cake was cut into, guests would see the pink or blue interior. Sometimes the expecting parents would not even know the gender of the baby themselves and would choose to have the doctor give a sealed envelope to them to present to the bakery.  Pretty clever, huh?

Are you pregnant and planning to find out the sex at your upcoming ultrasound?  How are you planning to announce the gender of your baby?  Or if you already announced in a clever way … share with us how you did it!  Or were you as boring as I was and just sent an email?  Or maybe you kept the gender to yourself and didn’t think it was an announcement worth sharing at all?  Please tell us below!

And for those of you who choose not to find out the gender prior to delivery day, that is another topic for another day!

* Photo taken from The Mommy Playbook