By Melisha Hartman Chamra

Each and every day of being a mom is a true blessing but as we all know being a mom can be busy. There are places to be, lunches to pack, hugs to give, games to play and laundry to wash. I know my mommy batteries need to be recharged even if my kids batteries don’t ever seem to need one!

One of the most important things that I have learned recently is the need for mommy time to recharge my batteries. In the past two years, I have made the transition from being a full time working mother of two children to staying at home with our children and taking on many new roles both at home and in the community. Mommy time has become even more important for me recently with this transition. The role of being a mom brings new adventures each and every day. Our mommy batteries need to be charged so we are ready for all those adventures.

I have learned that it is not always a fancy event or a place to be but simply time away from the daily routine of being a mother. It is a time to unwind from those day to day things. I need mommy time so I can continue being the best mother that I can be each day. I try to start each day by getting up earlier than anyone at our house and having a cup of coffee while the house is quite. My children can be early risers as I am sure many of you can relate. So this time often becomes quite time with one of our children or even sometimes two and that is always a special treat also.Those early morning hugs are the best! So quite time may not always happen when planned but we all can readjust and hopefully squeeze it in another time. Other days I love to head out for a run on a sunny day or even just sit down for a few minutes to catch a quick breath in between school pick up, soccer practices and making dinner.

Some days this time is only 10-15 minutes but it is time well spent in between activities. I also try to plan time away with girl friends or a date night when time allows. We all work hard and we each deserve a little time away to relax and recharge.My children and family will always come first but I have found that taking these mommy breaks is so important. It can be hard to push things aside but taking time away can be just what we need to keep our batteries charged. When I take time for myself I feel like I come back with a clearer mind. I can handle anything that comes my way after some down time. It is the best feeling in the world to walk in the door after time away to see two smiling kids running down the hall to give me hugs as soon as the front door opens.

I want to encourage all of us to check our calendars and schedule mommy time. Here are just a few starters for taking some mommy time:

~ start the day with a cup of coffee and quiet time
~ go for a run with a friend
~schedule time at the spa
~join another mom for lunch
~volunteer at your child’s school or a local nonprofit
~go to the gym for a workout
~read a book
~watch a movie
~schedule a date night
~schedule a girls night or weekend
~take a power nap
~listen to music
~go for a walk
~just sit down for a few minutes

I would love to hear how each of you recharge in the comment section below.