The Dewzy is in Winston-Salem!
August 13th from 11am to 6pm
Dewey’s Bakery – 262 S. Stratford Rd., Winston-Salem, NC

Come & Join us for our Summer Party on Sunday, August 13th! It will be a Dewzy!

At the event, there will be a balloon twister, a caricature artist, a face painter, tattoo artist, photo booth, giveaways and much more!!

What is a Dewzy, you ask…?

The Dewzy is a delectable layered dessert that promises to indulge your sweet tooth in a delightful way. This scrumptious treat is crafted with precision, combining a symphony of flavors and textures in a single cup. Each Dewzy is assembled with a careful attention to detail. Thus, ensuring a perfect balance of ingredients that will leave your taste buds dancing with joy.

The magic begins with a base layer of delectable cake, providing a solid foundation for the decadent experience to come. On top of this, a luscious ice cream layer awaits, offering a refreshing and creamy contrast. The fun doesn’t stop there; a variety of rich and tantalizing fillings are artfully swirled in between, elevating the taste to new heights.

But the real allure of the Dewzy lies in its extensive selection of flavors. With over ten tantalizing options to choose from, including classics like Boston cream, caramel turtle, banana pudding, and black forest cherry, there’s a Dewzy to suit every dessert lover’s cravings. And for those with a creative palate, the “create your own” option allows you to personalize you Dewzy with your favorite combinations.

To complete this dessert masterpiece, a generous dollop of velvety whipped cream crowns the top. Harmonizing the medley of flavors with its airy goodness. And as a final touch of elegance, a Moravian Cookie delicately rests atop the whipped cream. Adding a delightful crunch and a touch of sophistication.

The Dewzy is the ultimate indulgence, taking the essence of your beloved desserts and intertwining them into a single,heavenly cup. Whether you’re a fan of classic flavors or eager to explore your culinary creativity, the Dewzy is here to transform your dessert experience into a moment of pure bliss,