Tyler’s Amazing Balancing Act Comes to Truist Stadium
Thursday, August 11 at 7 pm
$8 – $26 per person
Truist Stadium, 951 Ballpark Way
Website link: wsdash.com

Have you ever seen someone balance a 10-foot ladder on their face? Don’t miss your chance! Join the Dash as we welcome Tyler’s Amazing Balancing Act to Truist Stadium on August 11. Tyler has been featured on America’s Got Talent, Go Big Show, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, ESPN, and Ballparks across the country! Known as the guy who can balance anything, the Dash are excited to bring Tyler and his talent to Truist Stadium. Fans can purchase tickets in advance at wsdash.com for as low as $8. This makes for a great outing for family and friends!

“Tylers Amazing Balancing Act is a unique, high-energy performance who has been wowing crowds since 2010. Tyler’s performance is geared toward ALL sports and consists of balancing wheelbarrows, bikes, Werner ladders, and much more on his face while at the same time dancing to music and engaging the crowd.” ~ Gameops.com

“What makes my act special for basketball teams is that what I do is very unique. There are many categories of halftime performers. You’ve got your dog acts, your jugglers, dancers, dunk teams, jump ropers, drummers, and so on. I don’t think that there are many face balancers out there besides me! I also use a skit for my returning teams where I use a dancing referee! The fans are so surprised the referee comes out and dances with me while I balance a wheelbarrow on my chin,” says Tyler.