By TMoM Team Member Katie Moosbrugger 

In today’s Sunday Spotlight:

~ Special Deal from Grinz Orthodontics
~ Registration Open for Imprints Cares
~ Let LeBauer Physical Therapy Fix Your Pelvic Floor Problems
~ Creative Palooza: Finding the Spark in Your Child
~ Win a $100 Massage Envy Gift Card from Giving Juice!
~ Find Out Who Won the Twenty200 Eyewear Giveaway


Special Deal from Grinz Orthodontics

Grinz Orthodontics has teams located in Greensboro and Asheboro that utilize the latest technological advances in the industry providing their community with braces, Invisalign, clear braces, replacement retainers and custom whitening. Grinz accepts all insurance plans, offers 0% in house financing and flexible payment plans. Grinz Orthodontics accepts adolescent and adult patients with no referral needed.

Mention this Triad Moms on Main ad for a free consultation and $500 off comprehensive orthodontic treatment.


Registration Open for Imprints Cares

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enroll your child in an Imprints Cares before and after-school program located onsite at 20 schools in the WS/FCS District. Imprints Cares also provides an Inclusion Program at our Downtown location. We offer children a safe, nurturing environment where they can discover, learn, and thrive.

Your student will be cared for by a trusted team led by teachers and staff from your child’s own school. Each afternoon, after a healthy snack, your child will enjoy homework help, social/emotional learning activities, indoor and outdoor recreation, and STEAM enrichment. Fun Fridays and field trips round out the fun.

Children are divided into cohorts based upon age and grade level. Imprints Cares follows stringent cleaning and safety protocols designed to keep your child safe. For more information or to register, please visit our website at or call 336-722-6296 ext. 218.


Let LeBauer Physical Therapy Fix Your Pelvic Floor Problems

Could you be needlessly suffering from a common, but definitely not normal, pelvic floor problem or core strength issue that can be easily fixed, if you only knew exactly what to do about it?

LeBauer Physical Therapy in Greensboro specializes in helping people heal their pain conditions & injuries without medications, injections or surgery. Some of the most common, but not normal, problems we’ve seen over the years are related to people who are suffering from pelvic floor issues.

Regardless of who you are, if you’re struggling with a pelvic floor problem, it’s going to cause a lot of different symptoms like: pressure, leaking, poor performance or pain. Here are the top six signs that you’re suffering from a pelvic floor or core strength problem that can be easily resolved with physical therapy. Connect with them here or on social media on Instagram or Facebook!


Creative Palooza: Finding the Spark in Your Child

Creative Palooza is located near Downtown Winston-Salem and has operated as an After-School Program as well as a Summer Camp Program for over a decade. At Creative Palooza, they put their faith in action creating a community of creativity, compassion, and covenant and providing a place for students and campers to have fun, be safe, and to grow in life. Programming expectations and encounters that illustrate the needs of reassurance that are simple, transparent, and clear for all to see.

Their Back to School Fall program begins Monday August 23 as students return to the classrooms for the 2021/2022 school year. Their operating hours will be Monday through Friday, 2pm-6pm. Plus, registration is now Open for Grades K-8. Registration forms are available on the website at  All Registration costs and other fees are listed on their Registration form. Call 336-970-5102 with any questions, and follow them on Facebook at @creativepaloozakids and on Instagram @creativepalooza.


Win a $100 Massage Envy Gift Card from Giving Juice!

With school starting back up, now is the perfect time for moms to treat themselves. What better way than with a massage! At Giving Juice, they’re passionate about their USDA Organic, Non-GMO, No Added Sugar, No Preservatives, 100% Fruit Juice. It is the story behind Giving that drives them. The story of their son, John Paul. John Paul George was born with half a heart, but he lived life with unbounded courage and strength. He revealed that one’s greatest weakness can become one’s greatest strength. His trademark smile and sparkling eyes remind them of his story of love, grace, miracles, and most of all – hope. To enter this giveaway, click here!


Find Out Who Won the Twenty200 Eyewear Giveaway

That would be Courtney Tucker! Congratulations, Courtney!! Please watch for an email from TMoM to find out how to claim this prize from Twenty200 Eyewear!

*Today’s Sunday Spotlight is sponsored by Grinz Orthodontics, Imprints Cares, LeBauer Physical Therapy and Creative Palooza