What happens when professional musicians become parents? They play and write children’s music! This is the path taken by Big Bang Boom, a children’s music group from Greensboro. After 20 years of touring clubs and playing parties, Chuck Folds (younger brother of piano rocker Ben Folds from Ben Folds Five) and Steve Williard decided to expand their horizons and play for kids. Together with drummer, Eddie Walker, they have become the parent-friendly kid’s rock band alternative. Big Bang Boom plays some children’s favorites as well as their own original songs for kids.

Last summer my friend, Emily, suggested we throw a Birthday Bash together for our kids and have Big Bang Boom come play at the party. I had no idea how much fun we would end up having! We had the party in my backyard, which usually is not the best, but it somehow worked out perfectly for this gathering! Chuck Folds was very easy to work with, and we did most of our communication through email. They arrived a few minutes before party time to set up, and by the time kids started to arrive, Big Bang Boom was ready to rock! It was like a kids’ rock concert in our backyard!

We had over 60 kids here, and about 40 adults. People were dancing, singing, and enjoying themselves so much! The band played for 50 minutes, which was a perfect amount of time before the little ones tired out. Kids here ranged from 1 year to 8 years old. BBB did a great job of playing to all ages – Sponge Bob for some of the older ones, and the Curious George theme song for the younger. My kids especially liked BBB’s original songs like “Why Can’t I have Ice Cream” and “Big Bang Boom is Here.” I honestly think my daughter Anna (age 3) jumped up and down for 50 minutes straight! (I now call her the Big Bang Boom groupie. She plays their CD in her room as loud as possible when she has friends over to play!) Even if your child is not one to get front and center and go crazy dancing, BBB seems to have a way of getting even the shyest of kids to participate by playing Hokey Pokey or “No More Monkey’s Jumping on the Bed!”

After BBB played, the kids ran around the yard for while, ate cake and headed on home. We had a few decorations, balloons, a bubble machine and that was about it. It was so simple, yet so much fun. The best part is that it was one of the least expensive parties I have thrown and we were able to invite more kids than any other year. I liked the fact that we were able to have it outside at our own house and parents could join in the fun if they chose to stay.

I had so many parents call me after the party and tell me how much fun their little ones had. We also had many requests for the BBB website and CD’s. We ended up buying a few CD’s and giving them as birthday presents to other kids who liked the band so much.

I could go on and on about how much we enjoyed having Big Bang Boom play here last year. Please visit their website athttp://www.bigbangboomband.com/ to learn more. Big Bang Boom will play anywhere in the Triad, and they are also expanding their play area to Charlotte and Raleigh, so pass this link along to all your friends in those areas as well. If you do not have a child with a birthday coming up soon, keep them in mind for other events. They have played at schools, benefits, and even libraries!

I promise this will be a party your child will never forget!