Where else can you book a birthday party in the Triad that lets you get face-to-face with river otters, travel the solar system, dance on a gigantic floor piano, and walk inside a 20 ft. tree? At SciWorks, of course! You are sure to please everyone at this hands-on discovery museum in Winston-Salem. Not only is it a unique venue for a party but it also offers one of the best party values in the Triad.

What I love most about birthday parties at SciWorks is that kids will never run out of things to do. Unlike some party venues that focus on one or two activities for the entire party, SciWorks has more things to do than you can count in its 25,000 sq. ft. facility which includes museum exhibits, a 15-acre environmental park, and a planetarium show.

Intrigued? Then keep reading to find out how to book the most interactive party in town!

For anyone with an appreciation for science, SciWorks has it all. And what child isn’t into learning something new? From the moment you walk in the door, you are engrossed in educational and recreational special exhibits. The museum always features certain exhibits (Foucault Pendulum, NC’s Mountains to Sea, PhysicsWorks, SoundWorks, HealthWorks, BioWorks, and KidsWorks), along with a 50 ft. dome planetarium and environmental park with nature trails. Here you’ll discover habitats for river otters, deer and water fowl, barnyard animals such as goats, sheep, cows, donkeys, and a miniature horse. Plus, the museum is always bringing in new traveling exhibits that never fail to amaze.

When you book a party at SciWorks, you and your guests will get your own party room for 1 ½ hours (between the hours of 11 am and 4:30 pm) for just $100, and members receive a 20% discount. SciWorks also offers discounted admission fees for your guests:

Under age 2 Free
Age 2-5 $4
Age 6-19 and seniors (62+) $6
Adults $8
Members Free
(Remind your guests to bring their membership cards if they have them, and they are free!)

The party host will also receive one free adult admission for every five children attending the party. The birthday child and up to four grandparents also receive free admission.

And there is no limit on how many children you invite to the party. Just ask for the special group rate when booking your party!

Before and after the party, guests will have access to museum exhibits, the environmental park, and one planetarium show. The host is asked to provide a cake and paper goods.

Even if you’re not booking a party, SciWorks is a great place to visit! Rates are reasonable, and the museum is convenientfrom any location in the Triad. Membership cards are always available, and they come with discounts, member-only information and invites, and free or reduced admission to more than 200 science centers worldwide!

To book your party, please contact Tiffany Weisner at 714-7105 or tweisner@sciworks.org.

Be prepared to be amazed! We hope to see you there!