By Catherine Koufman

When my friend and I discussed celebrating our daughters’ birthdays together, we had a hard time thinking of a good place to have their party. Since they have January birthdays, that knocked out the idea of a park or anything outside. In addition, since most of the kids were two year olds, we felt pretty limited as far as places that would be suitable for their age group. So, when I heard that the Children’s Museum was available for birthday parties, I knew it would be the perfect place.

If you have ever been to the Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem, then you know how much there is to do and see. The museum has many hands on displays and interactive exhibits for children of all ages. A few of the exhibits are rotating, so there is always something new and different for children to explore. It’s a great place to escape to when you are having one of those “cabin fever” kind of days that we all know about all too well lately.

As the kids arrived to the party, they were taken upstairs to the party room where we could greet everyone. For the first 30-45 minutes all the kids had free time to explore the museum. When we were ready to have everyone gather together, the museum had a staff member make an announcement so that our guests knew to head back to the party room.

The room was perfect. It had a sink, counter space and a refrigerator/ freezer for you to use. They will have tables for you to accommodate the number of children that are in your party and a staff member will be there to assist you in any way that you may need them. You have the choice of bringing your own food, supplies, and decorations, or they will provide a cake, juice and paper products for you.

I also thought it was great that the museum gives you the option of having a themed birthday party of pirates, princesses, Mrs. Cottontail, or penguins. They will provide a cake, juice, and paper products that go with your theme if this is the route you decide to go.

After the children enjoy cake and snacks, it is up to you how you would like to spend the remainder of your time. Since most of our kids were pretty young, we chose to keep it simple and let everyone enjoy the rest of the time playing in the museum on their own after having our snack. However, they do offer a 30 minute story time and craft session that one of their staff members will do with the children.

We were very happy with everything that the museum had to offer. It’s a wonderful place for you to have your child’s next birthday party.

Call 336-723-9111 or visit their website at for more details or to book your child’s next party!