By Guest Blogger Julie Powers

“Scouting has changed our lives for the better!” -Sarah, mother of new Cub Scouts

Boy Scouts of America (BSA) volunteer leader and parent, Julie, shared this story about the positive impact the Cub Scout program (for boys 5 to 10 years old) had on a mother, Sarah, and the boy she is raising, Shane. There are 111 Cub Scout program locations within the 8-county service area of the Old North State Council, BSA.

When I first met Sarah, she was just short of a wheelchair. She had endured many surgeries, and her children were helping her navigate a room with a cane to keep her from falling. Sarah and her children attended a Cub Scout preview meeting where I was presenting to many parents. Sarah listened to the presentation about the program’s upcoming activities and how following the core values of Scouting could help her boys grow and develop. She asked a question or two and then she was sold. Sarah wanted her family to be a Scouting family.

Sarah has five children. The two teenagers are her step-children, the middle son is her biological child, and the youngest two are her brother’s son and step-son. Sarah and her husband Charles have opened their home and their hearts to these children wanting the best for all of them.

The biological parents of the two youngest boys are not in their everyday lives. The boys, Shane and Korbin, struggle with discipline and have lived their lives with little to no structure. Shane was in trouble at school and saw the principal often.

After the initial Cub Scout preview meeting, Sarah attended our Cub Scout program kick-off and submitted membership applications for her son Carlos and Shane, her brother’s step-son. Sarah told me why she thought Shane could benefit from Scouting: “Shane seemed to have a tough time adjusting to our family’s routine when he came to live with us. I was at a loss for what I could do. I did not know what Cub Scouts was about, but when I heard the Scout Law, it aligned perfectly with what we practice at home.”

The Scout Law teaches youth to live their daily lives by a code of conduct and respect for others. It states: A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

Shane was not our program’s only Cub Scout struggling with behavioral issues at school. I worked with the principal at the boys’ school to come up with a plan that would lead to success rather than give in to failure. We now have a strong bond between school administration, the boys’ parents, and our Cub Scouts. As a collective Scouting family, we are committed to helping our boys stay on track and reach their goals in school, at home, and in Scouting.

And thanks to the Scouting family, Sarah has witnessed Shane grow and mature: “After a couple of months as a Cub Scout, his behavior at home and in school has improved greatly. He learned that his Cub Scout family is one he can rely on in any situation. The pride he has wearing his uniform and walking into a meeting where he is welcome and belongs is written on his face. Scouting has changed our lives for the better!”

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