By Guest Blogger Sandy Harper, author of the blog Free Spirited Mom

Do your kids ever say they are bored outside? How about directing them toward an activity that is fun and creative? Building a fairy house (or bug) house is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors while developing many great skills. I’m going to call it a fairy house through this blog. Though, I wanted to give you another tenant idea like bugs or critters in case your kiddos are not fairy fans.

First Step: Gather supplies

This is done two ways. One way is to create it like a scavenger hunt (this may be more fun and challenging for older kids). Have them look for specific items, such as, a maple leaf, certain color flower, a feather, etc. That being said, my favorite way is simply giving the kids a bucket and have them search for what they think they need. A few ideas of useful items can include but not limited to: twigs/sticks, leaves, flowers, rocks, dirt (for making mud), grass and dandelions. Honestly, anything they find that they deem cool, useful and fairy fun.

I love this activity because it is child-led. Their unique creativity and passion never ceases to amaze me. That being said, it doesn’t mean you can’t play alongside of your kids. I typically let them guide me. They may ask me to gather certain supplies or help tie a knot to hold sticks together.

Another way is to play on your own and allow them to observe you. This is great for kids that feel unsure on how to start or hesitant to begin independent play.

Getting Started

  • Decide where you want to build it – think of a place that won’t easily be knocked down
  • Try a teepee style or lean-to house
  • You could even build it on a stump or in a tree
  • Hold sticks together with twine, string or vines
  • Mud is great for natural glue
  • Leaves and tall grass work for covering walls and roof
  • Flowers and colorful nature finds are ideal for decorating

Building a fairy house outside can help a kid’s imagination explode. Ever since we started building these sweet homes, my kids will venture out and start building and playing on their own. A family member gifted them with little fairy and gnome statutes that have added to their fun. In addition to creativity, I love how this activity nurtures their problem solving skills. They have to figure out the best materials to use and how to make them work to their advantage.


If your kids decide to build their house for fairies, there is something you the parent can do as a special surprise. After they go to bed, you can sprinkle glitter around the fairy house. That way when your kiddos wake up the next morning, they will think the nature fairies visited their little house.


Do you have a kiddo that could use some outside play inspiration? Or do they need an outdoors challenge? Then building a fairy or bug house is the ideal activity for them! Plus, it will be a wonderful way to bond as a family in the outdoors.

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