I think I can speak for the majority of us when I say that we are welcoming this first day of spring with VERY open arms this year! Bring on the April Showers and May Flowers and say good-bye to the ice and snow! (And yes, I have seen the forecast for next week … don’t burst my bubble here!)

This is one of my favorite times of year to move outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather. Need suggestions on ways to enjoy this season with your family? Look no further than this list below! Click on any underlined terms to get more info.

Explore Triad Parks

Greensboro area
High Point area
Winston-Salem area

“Old School” Style

When the weather warms up, I revert back to my days as a child and all the fun we used to have for free! I love to experience these classic and simple ideas with my children. In addition to visiting many many playgrounds, we loved:
– Feeding the ducks at a nearby lake
– Taking a picnic to the park
– Rollerskating on any smooth surface outside
– Biking rides through the neighborhood
– Creek walking
– Scavenger hunts in nature
– “Exploring” nearby woods
– Playing with the water hose in the driveway
– Outdoor games (Great ideas in this blog!)
– Planting flowers
– Building fairy houses
– Setting up a lemonade stand
– Making headbands and necklaces out of flowers

Take A Day Trip

Here are a few of my favorites for the springtime:
Herbron Rock Colony
Gem Mining
ACE Adventure Center
Three Bears Acres
NC Zoo
Kersey Valley
Go Chasing Waterfalls
All-A-Flutter Butterfly Farm
Chimney Rock State Park
Homeland Creamery
Lazy 5 Ranch
Hanging Rock State Park
Dan Nicholas Park
Burlington City Park

Springtime Crafts

Shaving Cream Painting
Having Fun with Paint
Lemon Treats, Shadow Boxes and Rainbow Dancing
Spring & Easter Crafts

Dine Outdoors

With the kids, on a date night, or with your girlfriends … I love when we can dine on an outdoor patio. Here is a list I put together a few years ago with some local restaurants that have perfect outdoor dining spots:https://triadmomsonmain.com/my-blog/rachel-s_top_20_outdoor_dining_spots_in_the_triad

What is your favorite way to CELEBRATE SPRING?