By TMoM Team Member Katie Moosbrugger

For so many of us, Easter symbolizes a new start, life, gathering and abundance. Unfortunately, as we hunker down in isolation, it’s difficult to celebrate any of that.  Beyond the significant religious meaning of this holiday, Easter is also supposed to be FUN! It breaks my heart that young kids are not able to attend the many Easter events that typically happen this time of year.

But we are not going to let Covid-19 win this one! Just because we are social distancing from friends and extended family, it doesn’t mean we cannot celebrate the meaning of Easter while making it a fun holiday for the kids. Below are ideas that you can easily do now and on Easter Sunday while sheltering in place. Many of these are obvious suggestions, but some are things you may not have thought about!

Traditions You Can Easily Continue

  • Absolutely color some eggs! For a new twist, consider hosting a virtual egg dyeing party via Zoom, Skye or Facetime. Or take your decorating to another level and learn how to decorate eggs based on other cultural traditions. We featured ideas in this blog HERE.
  • Make plans to fill those Easter baskets and if you need ideas, consider a themed basket like we featured HERE. Many of the items we suggest for Easter baskets can be found at Walmart or Target (or online if you can have it shipped in time). Or if the grandparents, aunts and uncles want to be involved, encourage them to mail a fun contribution to your child’s Easter basket.
  • Pull out old Easter book, borrow some from neighbors, order new ones, or download them from Amazon or your library branch. HERE  is a link to Amazon’s new releases for children’s Easter books, and HERE is a link of other favorite Easter books we’ve shared in the past.
  • Stream past episodes of Veggie Tales for the kids or Passion of the Christ for teens
  • Don your Easter best, streamline your church’s service, and plan that bountiful Easter brunch.
  • Organize an Easter egg hunt in your yard. We do this all the time, even before social distancing was the thing to do! Or in the spirit of social distancing, host a virtual egg hunt with friends and distant relatives. Start the hunt at the same time on Facetime and have everyone carry a phone so it feels like one giant egg hunt!

Easter Crafts & Recipes

It’s a great time to start a new tradition, and you can easily do that with easy Easter crafts and recipes. Over the years, TMoM has featured several Easter and Spring craft blogs like these below…

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There are also a million fun and easy Easter recipes that can be found on Google, and below are a few that looked especially cute and delicious:

Adorable and Yummy Easter Treats
Cookie Dough Pops
Carrot Cake with Reeses Peanut Butter Chips
Birds Nests
Giant Easter Egg Cookie

Creative Fun & Easter Games 

With all this time at home and in the yard, it’s also a good year to organize some games for you and the kids! You could always do something simple like an “egg and spoon relay,” “egg toss,” “egg roll,” or “pin the tail on the bunny,” or try some of these ideas…

TMoM Team Member Laura Dykek offers these ideas…

Egg Art
Fill egg shells with paint and throw at a blank canvas
Easter Peeps Experiment
Use 3 peeps and put each in a different solution: one in water, one in vinegar, one in a clear soda. Let them sit for 3 days and then see what happens. Have fun poking and playing with the peeps after 3 days to see the differences
Crayon Easter Egg Hunt
Use a white crayon and draw Easter eggs all over a piece of paper. Give your child water colors and tell them there are eggs hidden on the paper that they can find using the water colors!
Whats in the Egg? 
Fill plastic eggs with all different things (marbles, rice, toys, noodles, pebbles, cotton balls, etc.). Give to your child and have them shake the egg and guess what is inside.

And more games that I found from

Egg Hop Relay Race
Divide everyone into pairs. Each pair of players receives two large egg cutouts made from cardboard or heavy cardstock. The first teammate stands on one egg and the second places the other egg cutout on the ground in front of the first. The first teammate “hops” to the second egg. Repeat this process, moving toward the finish line until you cross. First team to finish wins!

Match the Eggs
Gather an even number of plastic eggs. Divide eggs into pairs and fill each pair with different small objects like pennies or jelly beans. Put all the eggs together, and then let each child shake the eggs and attempt to place the two matching eggs together. Whoever has the most correct matches wins!

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt
Fill an Easter basket with goodies. Hide the basket somewhere and then fill plastic eggs with clues that will help players locate the treasure. The first to reach the basket wins the treasure!

Easter Egg Lawn Bowling
Start with a dozen hardboiled eggs (or more, depending on the number of players). Leave one white, and dye each of the others a different color. Gently toss the white egg onto the lawn. Each player takes turns rolling their colored eggs toward the white one, trying to see who can get closest without touching it.

The Fox and the Eggs
Designate one player as the fox and the others are Easter eggs. Before the game begins, each egg decides what color they are going to be and keeps that color choice a secret from the fox. The eggs then face the fox, who guesses colors one at a time. If the fox guesses a player’s color, that player must run a set route before rejoining the other eggs in the home base “basket”. The fox chases the egg, similar to “Duck, Duck, Goose”! If the egg makes it back to the basket, he or she chooses a new color and play continues. If the fox tags the egg before he or she returns to the basket, that player becomes the new fox.

Fun Ideas in the Neighborhood

Have you heard about the Teddy Bear Hunt taking place in neighborhoods all over the country? Our neighborhood did something similar with leprechauns over St. Patrick’s Day, and you can easily do something similar with Easter bunnies or eggs! Simply have your child create a paper bunny or colorful paper Easter egg  and tape it to your window. Encourage your neighbors to do the same and organize the neighborhood kids to walk or bike ride (or ride in car) to “hunt” for bunnies or eggs in the windows!

Also similar to the stained glass sidewalk chalk art phenomenon we’ve been seeing during coronavirus (see pic to the left)…start something similar with large colorful stained glass Easter eggs!

Or simply spend Easter Sunday creating encouraging notes for neighbors – either as sidewalk chalk art or as notes you can tape to your neighbor’s front doors.

Spread Easter Kindness in the Community

This Easter, have your kids spend some time writing letters or making cards for our citizens who are considered “essential” workers during this scary time – such as firefighters, police, medical professionals, grocery store employees, mailmen, UPS drivers, pharmacists, etc – as well as elderly residents at nursing homes who are not able to be in contact with their loved ones.

We may be distanced, but we can still come together to make this an Easter to remember, and maybe one with new traditions to be enjoyed for years to come! If you have more ideas to share, please include as a comment below!

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