By Guest Blogger Stacy Calfo, communications consultant for Noble Academy

There’s no denying that private education is expensive. We are all struggling with rising cost of everyday necessities like healthcare, gas, and groceries… how could we possibly consider adding private school tuition into the mix?

But what if your child had specific learning needs? What if her current school environment wasn’t providing her with the resources she needs to succeed in life? While providing the best future for our children is top of mind for all parents, we shouldn’t have to break the bank in order to achieve it.

I’m happy to report that a private school education may be easier to afford than you think.

To get tips to help parents navigate the private school marketplace, I spoke with Christy Avent, Director of Advancement and Admissions at Noble Academy, a grades 2-12, private day school in Greensboro, for students diagnosed with learning differences such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Disorder) and more.

Q: Why should parents with children with learning differences consider Noble Academy?

After 30 years in the Triad, we have truly mastered what it takes to educate students with learning differences. We strongly believe that students with learning differences and attention deficit disorders are as likely to be tomorrow’s leaders as other students.

Q: What is the tuition for a Noble Academy student?

Tuition ranges from $20,550 to $21,450, depending on your child’s grade. I know that seems like a lot, and it is… but there’s good reason for that. Noble Academy is a specific school which teaches students with ADHD and learning differences the way they need to learn. Our small student to teacher ratio (8:1) means every single one of our students gets personalized instruction tailored to his/her learning style.

Additionally, we purposefully recruit teachers with specialized learning differences degrees and training. These include special education teachers in our younger grades and teachers with specific subject degrees, as well as advanced degrees and certifications across all grades. We want to ensure we are offering the best instructors to the children in our care.

Q: How can a family afford to send their child to Noble Academy?

In addition to the tuition assistance we offer, the State of North Carolina has increased its options for parents seeking specialized education for their child:

~ The Opportunity Scholarship Program offers state-sponsored scholarship grants for eligible children in kindergarten through 12th grade. This program provides funding of up to $4,200 per year for eligible children who choose to attend a participating nonpublic school. Low-income and working-class children whose families meet certain income guidelines are eligible to receive Opportunity Scholarships.

~ ​The Disabilities Grant Program helps parents pay qualified expenses for children with disabilities who attend school in an eligible nonpublic setting. Families can be reimbursed up to $8,000 for approved educational expenses for their child with special needs. The amount is determined by qualifying expenses (like school tuition), not a family’s income level.

​~ North Carolina’s Education Savings Account provides families of students with special needs who meet the federal definition of a “child with disabilities” under the IDEA a maximum annual allocation of $9,000 for educational and therapeutic uses, including private school tuition.

~ Finally, an accepted student may be considered for tuition assistance. Tuition Aid Data Services ( reviews the financial data and supporting documentation and using a standardized calculation determines what a family’s contribution should be.

The best part about these options is that a family can qualify for more than one and truly offset some of the cost of private school tuition.

To learn more specific information (regarding supporting documentation, eligibility criteria, and award procedures) about the state-sponsored scholarships and grants, visit

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