By Guest Blogger Dr. Leslie Stoklosa, Chiropractic Physician and owner of Sweetie Pie Diaper Service

Pregnancy is already a confusing time in a couple’s life. What do I eat? What can’t I eat? Where do I give birth? How do I give birth? There are so many questions, AND THEN you have to figure out being parents to a newborn! Cloth diapering hasn’t come up in those conversations very much in the past, but that is changing. Using cloth diapers is becoming more popular due to the environmental impact of single-use, disposable diapers, and the decrease in toxin exposure to your new baby and the cost savings with cloth diapers.

One of the biggest hang-ups with proceeding with cloth diapers is the laundry! The idea of even attempting to figure out how to wash, when to wash, a quality wash routine, what detergent to use and how to remove stains boggles the mind! Luckily, there’s a cost-effective solution for families that want to use cloth diapers, but are freaked out about washing them – USE A CLOTH DIAPER SERVICE!

Here’s how a cloth diaper service works: your family signs up for service, cloth diapers are delivered to your door (or some services allow drop off and pick at their location), you fold the soft, cotton cloth diapers around your little baby (obviously using the cutest diaper covers EVER!), put the dirty cloth diapers in a pail after you’ve changed your baby’s diaper, then put your bag of dirty cloth diapers out for a delivery driver to pick up! That is it! When the delivery driver picks up your baby’s dirty cloth diapers, they leave another set of clean ones; and the process starts over again! You don’t worry about the laundry, the poop, the smells, or the time and headache it takes to wash the cloth diapers!

Other families struggle with the initial investment of cloth diapers. Spending $100-500 on cloth diapers initially might seems like craziness, but when you consider how much you’ll be spending on disposable diapers (about $2,000-3,000 per child), you can see the BIG difference!

Using a cloth diaper service is a safe middle ground. You don’t need the large initial investment that comes from purchasing a stash of cloth diapers, because you’re renting the cloth diapers from the cloth diaper service company. You also get the benefit of saving some money (and the environment!) with cloth diapers over using disposable diapers.

Another hang-up to using cloth diapers is how to fold them. Especially if you’re planning to stretch your money spent on cloth diapers, getting “flats” or “prefolds” is your best bet, and you will have to learn a couple of go-to folds that work for your baby’s size and spunk on the changing table!

Our cloth diaper service, Sweetie Pie Diaper Service, offers a Cloth Diapering 101 class throughout the North Carolina Triad area. Cloth Diapering 101 goes over the different types of cloth diapers, how to fold, brief discussion on washing cloth diapers, and troubleshooting questions. The interactive workshop is open to all families and both parents are encouraged to attend.

Still have questions about cloth diapers? Feel free to reach out to us here. We would LOVE to help your family use cloth diapers, whether you’re using Sweetie Pie Diaper Service or not. Our mission is to get as many disposable diapers out of the landfills as possible! Is your family ready to get started with Sweetie Pie Diaper Service? Click here to check out our available products! We hope to be able to help your family cloth diaper for many years to come!

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