Happy Sunday! As you are enjoying your weekend, be sure to check out this edition of The Sunday Spotlight. Today we’re featuring:

~ “Be a Bengal for a Day” at Greensboro Day
~ The New Coupon Hub & Sweepstakes Offered by Food Lion
~ Info on the TMoM Choice Awards

Get all the scoop below!

“Be a Bengal for a Day”

Greensboro Day School provides students and parents frequent opportunities to meet talented faculty members and experience a “day in the life” of a Bengal. The next “Be a Bengal for a Day” is January 23, 2014. Students will shadow a peer throughout the morning. Interested families can get more information or register for ‘Be a Bengal for a Day” atwww.greensboroday.org/visit. “’I love my school!’ is a consistent comment I get from both my 4th and 7th graders,” says GDS parent Elaina Murdock. “When you want the absolute best for your children and will settle for nothing less, send them to Greensboro Day.” Lesson plans are tailored to meet the needs of a variety of learning styles, and integrated learning is built into every student’s day to maximize the amount of learning. “I know my children consider GDS their home away from home, and I know Greensboro Day is doing their best by children every day,” Murdock says.

Food Lion’s New Coupon Hub & Sweepstakes

We have an exciting new idea that will pique the interest for any of you who desire to make grocery shopping easier and find new ways to save money! Food Lion’s new “Coupon Hub” will be launching on Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2014. Upon launching the Coupon Portal, Food Lion will host a sweepstakes from Wednesday, Feb. 5 to Tuesday, March 4. During this time period, Food Lion will select eight winners each week for a $25 Food Lion gift card (to be loaded onto their MVP card) for visiting and experiencing the “Coupon Portal” by clicking a coupon to their MVP card. Also during this time period, a grand prize winner will be selected to receive $1,000 loaded onto their MVP card to use for their grocery purchases. Be sure to like Food Lion’s Facebook page here and keep tuning in to TMoM for more info as time draws near!

TMoM Choice Awards 2014

We are so excited to launch our 4th Annual Choice Awards contest this year. Again, we have listened to the feedback of our readers and have made a few changes. We will have 30 categories, which have been tweaked according to feedback and we have also decided to award three winners in each category so that each major Triad area will have a winner. Please note that the nomination portion of our contest is only open to newsletter subscribers. If you are not a subscriber, enter your email in the purple “Come Roll With Us” box on our site (top right of this page). The top three nominations per Triad area will move on to the final voting round. You can view our list of categories, timeline and contest details at any time by clicking the teal tab at the top of our website titled “2014 Choice Awards.” Visit the page here and stay tuned for details as our launch date of February 4th approaches!

* Today’s Sunday Spotlight is sponsored by Greensboro Day and Food Lion.