By Katie Moosbrugger

“You really should cut that cord soon,” my mom recently joked to me. At first I did not know what she was referring to. I usually don’t describe my kids as “clingy” or “dependent.” In fact, I’m all about instilling independent qualities in children. My husband and I are always encouraging our kids to try something different – or going somewhere new – without having to depend on friends or mom and dad to be right there with them.

But then I looked down at my son who was walking next to me, and understood what she was talking about.

As we made our way across the parking lot, my seven-year-old was clutching my hand in both of his, looking up at me with wide, adoring eyes – and without any breathers – was babbling, “Mommy, did you see that?”…“Mommy, look at me!”…“Mommy, can I sit next to you at lunch?”… “Mommy, what’s your favorite color?”…“Mommy, am I allowed to marry you?”…Mommy…Mommy…Mommy…!”

He was glued to me, and I did not even realize! But apparently my mom was taking notice. During the two-week stay at her house, she saw his hand habitually grab mine every time we were near one another. Or he’d always squeeze in really close to me on the couch. Or he’d jockey to sit next to me during meals. He was constantly giving me hugs and kisses. And he never stopped talking or asking questions (ever!) but particularly to me.

This type of stuff didn’t just happen because we were on vacation; this is common stuff in my house. I’ve become so accustomed to it that I rarely notice it. But, if you didn’t live with me, you wouldn’t notice it either. He’s a totally different kid with his friends and cousins. He rarely looks back when I drop him at school, church, camp or a play date. He’s never afraid of a new social situation, and he was one of the first of his friends to organize a sleepover.

When he’s at home, though, I guess you’d say he’s a bit of a momma’s boy. And right now, I’m totally OK with that.

My mom was only joking when she made that comment because she knows more than me how precious these moments are – and how quickly they will be gone.

Soon he will no longer want to hold my hand. Soon he will not let me walk him to class or kiss him goodbye. Soon he will be too big to crawl into my lap or snuggle next to me on the couch. Soon he will stop telling me everything on his mind. Soon he will be completely embarrassed of me around his friends. Soon he will stop needing me so much. And soon will come soon enough, unfortunately.

I hope there never comes a day when he doesn’t need me, but I’ll understand when it does. So for now I am going to take more notice of how much he needs me today, hold his hand even tighter, and relish every precious moment.

As for the cord…well, who says it’s a mom’s job to cut it anyway?

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