By Guest Blogger Melanie East

Every year, I drool over the photo gifts from the popular online photo companies. I’m a complete sucker for a photo gift. I will totally be one of those grandmothers wearing the sweatshirt with the grandkids’ photos on it when I’m older. My photo gift obsession began when I had my daughter three years ago. Initially, I ordered photo books for myself and for her grandparent’s for every occasion. Then I realized that they may like a gift other than photo books, so I branched out into other gifts. I tried photo puzzles, photo mini-books, and a few other things, but I discovered that ordering anything other than photo books was just too expensive. The wheels in my head started turning on how to make my own photo gifts. Surely with a little crafty elbow grease I could create my own photo gifts at a fraction of the cost. Along the way, I found out that others had the same idea, too.

Today I’d like to share five of my favorite DIY photo gifts that include ones that I’ve made myself, as well as a few made by blogger friends of mine. These projects are all easily doable by Christmas, not to mention that your friends and family will be impressed with your mad craft skills. Click on each of the items’ titles to find the tutorial for each one.

DIY Photo Block Ornaments – Create this ornament for just a few dollars. Holding six photos, this ornament is a nice tradition to give to a grandparent year after year. This tutorial has two options- a painting option and a scrapbook paper option. The photo block ornament is actually suitable for older children to assist in making.


DIY Photo Desk Organizer – For another inexpensive craft, break out the power tools (or enlist the hubby). This photo gift will stay on the recipient’s desk all year long. The organizer holds three pens and fits four photos.


Photo Gift Wrap – Spruce up a plain gift wrapped package with a favorite photo. Apply the photo lightly so that it can safely be pulled off the package and displayed throughout the year. I know my daughter would love to see her picture as part of a wrapping paper package.


Photo Plaque – Print out your favorite family photo and create a work of art. Add a favorite quote, definition, or saying to further personalize the gift.


Christmas Photo Holder– This photo holder is actually “turnable”, so that the photos can be rotated throughout the year. Create it with holiday colors or match it to the recipient’s décor for year round enjoyment.


So am I the only one in love with photo gifts? I still have a few left to make for this holiday. I encourage you to get crafty this Christmas and save some money in the process, and I’d be excited to hear if you make any of these fantastic projects. Do you have any suggestions to add to the list- what’s your favorite photo gift?

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