By Rachel Hoeing

A few weeks ago, a group of my girlfriends got into a discussion about “push presents.” If you have never heard this term before, it refers to a gift given to a mom (usually by the dad) after giving birth to a child. These presents are traditionally jewelry or a trip.

Well, the discussion got very heated with many different opinions and I could not believe how passionate some people were about this topic! Wow! We had one end of the spectrum with mothers who felt that the gift was well-deserved after nine months of carrying the baby and hours of delivery. They felt that the gift was not only deserved, but expected.

Then we had a group who thought the push present was the most ridiculous thing they had ever heard of and that the child should be “gift” enough. This group also felt that the final “gift” of pregnancy was something that was deserved by both parents, and that a healthy child was a perfect gift.

But what about the people who tried umpteen times to have a baby and went through years and years of heartache? Another group of my girlfriends thought this group deserved a present.

Then there was my friend who said the husband was the one who deserved a gift for putting up with her crankiness for nine months!

I would love to hear what you all think about a push present. Have you heard of this before? Or better yet, had your husband heard of this before? Did you get a gift after you delivered your child? If so, what was it? It you didn’t get one, were you disappointed?

Chime in below and PLEASE remember to treat others’ comments with respect! Remember … to each his own!