By Karen L. Smith, PT, of Peace Physical Therapy LLC

Before you know it, summer will be here, and the kids will be out of school. It is the perfect time for that cross-country family adventure! Or maybe you want to send your kids to camp so you can have a week of quiet (sounds peaceful, right?).  But I think we have all experienced what travelling can do to your gut and belly even when things go smoothly at home. So, for those who have toileting challenges, being away from home can be stressful or even impossible. What if I told you physical therapy may be able to help with your summer plans?

Pee & Poop Issues

Just like there is pelvic health therapy for adults, there is pelvic health therapy for pediatrics that can help with urinary and fecal leakage, constipation, and bedwetting.  How would you know if pediatric pelvic health physical therapy is right for your child?

Do you notice the following?

  • Your child is older than 6 and is wetting the bed.
  • Your child has giant poops that could clog the toilet. (“How did such a little body create something so big?!”)
  • You have been told your child “withholds” or has encopresis.
  • You find poop smears or leaks in their underwear that aren’t due to poor wiping.
  • Your child urinates very frequently throughout the day or goes many times in a row.
  • Your child can’t go to summer camp, sleepovers, or even start college due to toileting issues.
  • Your child has been given a medical diagnosis that will impact their bowel or bladder.

If any of these sound familiar, then a visit to a pediatric pelvic floor physical therapist is warranted. At Peace Physical Therapy LLC, we specialize in treating children up to age 18 with a variety of pelvic floor and toileting issues.  Your child is assessed and treated by the same therapist every visit for continuity and to help your child feel safe and comfortable. We assess your child’s posture, breathing, strength, and coordination among other things. Then a plan is created that works for you and your family with your goals in mind.

traveling toilet issues

Hear what other parents are saying about their experience with Peace Physical Therapy!

“I’m so proud of her and have such a ‘peace’ of mind about her ability to control her stools. I know we wouldn’t be at this place without you!” –Mom of an 8-year-old (sent while travelling internationally)

“He has tolerated me being out of town and him traveling. He even got sick while we traveled (poor kid), but he still went! Never got backed up! That has honestly never happened. We have never traveled with him and not had major bouts of constipation. It’s such a relief!” – Mom of a 12-year-old

Traveling bathroom issues

Find Out More About Peace PT!

If you are interested in learning more, please email to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with the “Pee and Poop PT” to discuss what is going on in your child’s life and learn how we can bring peace to toileting in your household.

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