Written by Shannon McGinnis Koontz, a loyal Dream Dinners customer

I first heard about the “make-and-take meals” concept a couple of years ago, but had a few misgivings. Were the meals something my family would eat? How much time do I really save? And isn’t it expensive? After I was invited by friends to Dream Dinners, I was immediately hooked.

Dream Dinners is healthy: the meals are under 350 calories per serving on average, and most of the recipes can be modified on request with sugar substitutes or low/no sodium ingredients. This paid off this spring when my husband and I went to Europe for two weeks and left our house and children to my mother (who made it clear she didn’t want to grocery shop with two small children) and my diabetic father. We stocked the freezer with Dream Dinners, and that was one less thing I had to think about while packing.

Dream Dinners fits into your family’s budget: A common misconception is that make-and-take meals are expensive. This is not the case with Dream Dinners – each serving costs about $4 on average (or $2 per serving for children).

Dream Dinners saves time: This is the most obvious… but to me, the most important. I spend about an hour each month at Dream Dinners preparing enough meals to carry my family of four through the entire month (including a few lunch time leftovers). When preparing the meals at home, “time to table” preparation averages as little as 10 minutes, or at the most – 45 minutes.

Your kids will eat Dream Dinners (promise!): The food is amazing and there is always a huge variety. There are a few repeats, thank goodness, because they are typically the meals that my kids keep asking for. This month I prepared Lemon Villa Chicken, Sicilian Tortellini and Steak Caprese – need I say more?

Dream Dinners is fun: I love to cook but hate to plan meals and grocery shop, so this keeps it fun while taking out the hassle. And you can make your Dream Dinner session a cooking party with a dozen friends, a mother/daughter morning out (I’ve brought my son), or a date night – just bring in your own bottle of wine. I’ve seen all of these scenarios first-hand, and made some good friends along the way.

Come out to make a few meals for your family, have a glass of wine and meet some new friends – I look forward to seeing you there – along with other Triad Moms on Main readers!

Sponsored by Dream Dinners of Clemmons