By Guest Blogger Catherine Cottingham

Easter is just a hop around the corner and filling those sweet baskets with goodies can be a task. Below are my top basket filler picks to create huge smiles on Easter morning. I mean, even the Easter Bunny needs a little help sometimes!

0-2 Year Olds 

Easter Eggs- Even though these little ones won’t be eating candy it can still be fun to fill up a few plastic eggs with their favorite snack such as goldfish, puffs, etc. Let them experience the different sensory aspects of shaking them, opening them, and grabbing the snack out. You can find them at the Dollar Tree, Party City, Target, Walmart, or Amazon. I personally grabbed a few animal ones from the Dollar Tree for our little guy. 

A Soft Bunny- A soft stuffed animal can become your little ones favorite toy. Stop by your favorite local kids store or even Target. 

Teether- This may seem like a basic basket stuffer but look for a fun carrot shaped one or get a teething egg. Polliwog’s on Battleground in Greensboro has a huge selection of the eggs. Otherwise check Amazon for fun holiday themed ones. 

Magnetic Pajamas- I am literally obsessed with Magnetic Me Pajamas. They are so soft and so easy to put on. We already grabbed a pair with tiny bunnies worked into the print. You can pick these up at Polliwogs, Magnetic Me’s website, or Amazon.

Easter Book- This is a great opportunity to add another book to your kid’s library as well as have fun with a texture book. This one is a favorite! 

Happy Knees– Little ones on the move constantly have red knees from crawling all day long. Happy Knees slip on their legs to give your little one some cushion while they are on the go. You can find these online at Walmart and Amazon.

3+ Year Olds

Jello Slime– Slime is still huge for kids and Jello has gotten in on the action. You can find this at Walmart or Amazon. 

Peter Rabbit Plush and Book- I love the idea of a matching animal with a book in a basket. Target sells a boxed set that you could take apart to add in. 

Sunglasses- It’s Springtime with pools opening soon and more outdoor activities available. A pair of shades will keep them asking to go outside. You can find inexpensive ones just about anywhere. You could even look for their favorite character or color. 

Swimsuit– I used to love getting a new swimsuit in my Easter basket when I was little. If you have multiple little ones or just love family matching looks like me – look for a pattern/print/color you can get for everyone! A bonus is they will look good in photos later this year. I would check Amazon first since it’s an easy starting place. 

Sidewalk Chalk Eggs- Chalk is a great way to get your kiddos outside. I love anything themed for the holiday if you can’t tell already. You can find a six pack of chalk shaped like eggs sold in a carton at Target, Michael’s, or Amazon. 

Bubble Machine- Another way to get your kids playing outside is a bubble machine. I found a great one shaped like a Pineapple at Target. It’s battery operated and easy to fill plus it was only $9. We have already used it multiple times this year. For your older kids, find one that they can do themselves! Don’t forget to get lots of extra bubbles. 

Light Up Bath Toys- Make bath time more exciting with light up bath cubes. You can also get your kids in a bathing suit and make it just a fun afternoon activity with the lights out. I know Polliwogs sells them as well as finding them online. 

Easter Sweet Treat from Local Bakery- If you want something sweet for their baskets that isn’t candy try stopping by a local bakery to grab a yummy limited edition treat. Each place will be able to box your items individual for baskets. If you go for year round treats look for breakfast related items. That way you can keep things easy for Easter morning!

Beach Toys- With more trips to the parks and beaches coming up this year finding a new toy for your kids to take could be a huge win! I found a cute sand bucket at the dollar store as well as small beach toys and splash balls at Party City. If you wanted to do a themed basket you could use the bucket as the basket and fill it with all things beachy! Don’t forget the swimsuit!

Land of Dough- So much to choose from at Land of Dough! These are such a funs thing for kids. I suggest grabbing one or two as a filler for their basket. You can find items on the company’s website, or if you’re in a time pinch, check Amazon and Walmart!

Lego Easter Kit- Target has the cutest Easter Chick Egg Lego kit for $4.99. This is super fun for anyone 3+. We are a huge Lego family so I will be putting these in everyone’s baskets. 

Bunny Garden Stone Paint Kit- Lots of kids have loved arts and crafts this past year- find a themed craft project that could be done Easter day afternoon. I love garden stone paint projects because it’s something they could put outside and show off when people come over. 

I hope this helps inspire the Easter Bunny and get all of those baskets filled!

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