By Guest Blogger Kristin Redington Bennett, PhD, NCED, Illumii Founder

If you’re a parent or guardian, chances are you’ve discovered that navigating the educational system – and childhood in general – has changed a lot since you were a kid yourself. The great thing about all that change is that we know more about how kids’ brains function than we’ve ever known before. And with that knowledge comes a plethora of important educational and emotional interventions that can literally change the outcome for kids with unique educational needs.

The downside is that finding the right tools, interventions, and providers can feel a little like putting together a 1000-piece puzzle that’s missing half its pieces. With each milestone that your child hits, the search for support starts anew. Even for parents with backgrounds in education, it can be daunting.

That’s where ILLUMII comes in. We are changing the game for families and students by offering a full range of expert educational and parenting support in a single comfortable space – a space designed to accommodate your child’s full childhood journey.

Founder Kristin Redington Bennett, PhD, NCED brings decades of professional expertise to her role. As a Nationally Certified Educational Diagnostician, she provides a full range of educational diagnostic tests to help determine the unique learning profile of each child including strengths and vulnerabilities like learning disabilities, ADHD, and giftedness. Unlike clinical psychologists, her background includes years of teaching K12 and college, so she is uniquely aware of the challenges students and parents face as they navigate classroom expectations.

Whether you’re navigating a new diagnosis or trying to figure out which high school is the right fit for your child, ILLUMII offers educational advising services. If your child needs an IEP or is identified as gifted (or, in many cases, both), ILLUMII can help you understand your rights, walk you through the educational jargon, explain the documents the school sends home, and answer your questions as you choose the right school, program, or option for your child. It helps to have an expert in your corner, providing the insight you need to make the right decisions.

ILLUMII also offers tutoring services, and unlike many large tutoring companies, tutoring at ILLUMII is tailored to the individual, complete with an individualized plan and placement with a tutor who will be a good fit. ILLUMII also provides coaching for students who need executive functioning/ADHD support. And at ILLUMII, we provide tutoring spaces that are specifically designed to foster learning while helping students stay focused.

Our in-house counselor, Martha Metzler, specializes in working with children and families. She works with students to address concerns regarding depression, anxiety, behavior management, OCD, and a host of other struggles that often crop up in children and teens. She can support parents and families as well, improving communication and coaching better family dynamics.

For students approaching the end of high school, ILLUMII’s professionals offer test preparation for the SAT and ACT, along with support throughout the college application process. Expert coaching also supports students seeking out which schools will be a good fit and identifying a potential major.

Finally, ILLUMII offers parent coaching, both in person and online. You can choose from popular courses like Intentional Parenting and Parenting the Child You Have, all taught by experienced professionals. 

ILLUMII’s ultimate goal is to form a long-term relationship with the families it serves. With a convenient, welcoming space and a plethora of options for support, we will be in your corner with expert insight and advice. We love helping students- and families – create and achieve big goals.

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