By Guest Blogger Ellen Bryant Lloyd

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I love springtime and the way the world seems to come back to life after the cold, dark days of winter. Trees show off their new growth, flowers awaken with color and birds welcome the day with song. The beautiful weather encourages people to get outdoors and enjoy activities like riding bikes, hiking on local trails, walking around the neighborhood, playing frisbee with friends or kicking a soccer ball with children. It’s also the perfect time to pack a picnic lunch, a good book and head to the park to take in a lovely afternoon in the springtime sun. Enjoy this time of year and some of the book selections I have made for you and your family below!

Preschool — Too Many Carrots by Katy Hudson
I love this book for many reasons. Since I was young, my favorite food has been carrots, so as soon as I read this story about carrot-obsessed Rabbit I knew it would be a keeper. Rabbit has so many carrots that he soon runs out of room in his home to store his favorite vegetable. He enlists friends to help solve his problem, and in the process they all learn valuable lessons about problem solving, sharing and friendship. This book is simply adorable and well worth exploring with your children. And, why not consider munching on a few carrots while reading?

Early Elementary — I Wish You More by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
This lovely story is by a fantastic author that sadly passed away last month. She left us way too early. The author of over 30 books for children and adults, Amy Krouse Rosenthal shared her talents through works that made us laugh, wonder and think. This book shares many wishes — not just one or the typical three granted by a genie. Rather, as shared on Amazon, this story offers “wishes for curiosity and wonder, for friendship and strength, laughter and peace. Whether celebrating life’s joyous milestones, sharing words of encouragement, or observing the wonder of everyday moments, this sweet and uplifting book is perfect for wishers of every age.”

Elementary —  Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White
This classic story never gets old. I can’t begin to count how many times I have read about Charlotte and Wilbur’s adventures, and their special friendship that developed in the most unlikely of ways. This sweet tale of the kind-hearted spider and the cute, bashful pig is one that helps offer hope and the belief that miracles can and do happen. This book is perfect to read aloud to your child and will prompt discussion about challenges in life, friendship and having hope.

Middle School — One For The Murphys by Lynda Mullally Hunt
Moving in with the Murphy’s was all that foster child Carley could have hoped for, but it wasn’t as easy for her as someone might think. Life as a member of the Murphy family was ideal, but so different than the life Carley had always known. The Murphy’s eventually win her over and show her what it is really like to belong in a family. Carley’s big challenge comes when her mother asks Carley to return to live with her, causing her to question and consider all that she knows. This is a story of hope, strength and growing up in many ways.

High School — Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte 
Jane Eyre is one of my all time favorite books. I remember reading it for the first time in high school, and being completely transported to another place and time. It was the novel that inspired my love of historical fiction. This story features Jane, an orphaned girl that eventually becomes a governess at Thornfield Hall working for Edward Rochester, a man she falls in love with over time. This classic addresses major topics of class, sexuality, religion and the challenge to overcome adversity — all controversial for a novel published in the mid 19th century. Interestingly, Charlotte Bronte’s two sisters, Emily and Anne, were also successful authors. Together these sisters crafted wonderful literature that have stood the test of time.

Moms — Joy on Demand by Chade-MengTan
I selected this book in honor and loving memory of a dear friend that recently passed away. My friend had selected Joy as her guiding word in life for the last several years. She chose to live joyfully each and every day, no matter what. I loved the idea of having joy on demand, and thought it would be a concept my friend would have embraced as well.

The main idea in this book is that joy is the root of happiness. The author feels that we all have the ability to cultivate an endless supply of joy in our lives through mindfulness, and that the benefits of living with joy will extend to all areas of our life. I know living with joy and being mindful about choosing joy made a significant impact on my friend’s life, and I am confident that it could in yours as well.

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