By Guest Blogger Ellen Bryant Lloyd 

A lot has changed in the world since I posted Ellen’s Book Nook for February. Nothing about our lives is the same nor will it be for awhile. Not only are we having to adjust to a new normal, but our children are as well. It is hard to truly understand how they are processing everything that is going on, especially when it is difficult as adults to wrap our heads around it all. I know I vacillate between feeling fear and hope on what seems like an hourly basis. I can only imagine how our children are feeling.

I am heartened when my friends share uplifting perspectives and “silver lining” stories to help counteract the endless stream of, quite frankly, frightening stories and news reports. I realized that we have just as much of an opportunity to focus on the negative as we do the positive. So, as a community of moms, let us do all we can to stay on the positive path.

Join me in approaching today’s circumstances with a spirit of opportunity and growth. In addition to following all the CDC guidelines that include social distancing and washing hands, use this time to return to the root of what really matters in life: building relationships, caring for each other and loving each other.

Enjoy more family time, have rich discussions, take nature walks, do some crafting, send notes and homemade cards to people who are shut-in or living in assisted living facilities and nursing homes, bake a new treat, play board and card games, teach your children basic finance, home maintenance and car maintenance, and, of course, READ!

Take time to reread all of the books in your home library. I have always told children at my school presentations that a book read only once feels lonely and longs to be read again and again. Create a fun system to go through all the books on your bookshelf. Encourage your children to keep a reading log so they can keep track of their accomplishments (moms, you do the same!).

If you or your children are ready to read some new books, there are many free e-books available online. Some e-books have been made available during this period as we face the pandemic, and others are always available. There are books for all age groups, classics and newer titles. There are also great online opportunities for your children to hear books being read aloud, often by celebrities. I have included links to check out so you and your children can continue to embrace your love of great books!

As a valued member of the Triad Moms on Main community, I encourage you to share links to your favorite resources for online e-books as well as other fun ideas to add to the mix so we can all maximize this gift of extra time spent with children. Share your ideas in the comments section on the TMoM website or on the TMoM Facebook and Instagram.

Let’s join together as a community and keep the faith that we will be even stronger and better on the other side of these challenging times. Stay well and happy reading!

Read alouds:

  • Twitter — #GadBookClub — Frozen fans will love hearing Olaf, aka Josh Gad, read popular children’s books. Hearing his voice will put a smile on everyone’s face.
  • StoryLineOnline —
  • P’s Magic Library —

Free e-books:


Ellen Bryant Lloyd is the author of FRECKLES and FRECKLES and The Great Beach Rescue. Please visit and to learn more about Freckles. Ellen writes a blog about her perspectives on life and parenting at and tweets at @EllenBLloyd. She lives in Greensboro with her husband and two children. Read more of her Book Nook blogs here

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