By TMoM Team Member Suzy Fielders

Summertime is here! Between the outdoor adventures and beach trips, you will likely need some comfortable and breathable footwear. Tired of getting blisters from ill-fitting and uncomfortable sandals or flip flops? Tidewater Sandals is here to save the day – and rescue your feet!

Headquartered in Winston-Salem, Tidewater Sandals is the perfect mix of comfort and fashion. Their prints are sure to bring a smile to your face and their cushiony design will keep your feet happy all summer long!

Comfort + Fashion = Perfect Mix for Summer Footwear

Tidewater Sandals has completely revolutionized the flip flop market with footwear fashion that incorporates everything from sea turtles to sloths. They do this all while maintaining maximum comfort.

From VA to NC

If you’ve never heard of Tidewater Sandals, you and your feet are missing out! The brand is currently in their 20th year of business as they originated in Richmond, VA in 2002. They received their name for nearby Tidewater, VA.

Owner, Winston-Salem resident Micheal Smith, took over the brand in June 2020. She absolutely loves bringing you the latest fun prints!

Comfort First

While design is a huge component of Tidewater Sandals, they do not forget the importance of comfort. Whether walking along the beach or at a local park, these sandals will keep your feet happy no matter how far you walk!

In fact, the company has worked relentlessly over the last two decades with compression testing to ensure walkability and durability of every pair of sandals they produce. Their 2000-plus 5-star reviews say their work is paying off.

For each pair of Tidewater Sandals, your foot will settle into their molded footbed. This means the fit will become perfectly adjusted to your foot.

Large Assortment of Fun Designs

Comfort might be first, but design is a very close second. Tidewater might specialize in coastal-themed sandals, but they offer a fun assortment of various designs. The company constantly gets inspiration from their fans and is always adding new designs regularly.

A few fun and popular designs include:

  • Sea turtles
  • Palm trees
  • Rose all day
  • Dogs
  • Sloths – this design was inspired by Kristen Bell’s love of sloths which was showcased on The Ellen Show in 2012
  • Dots & Shells

No matter what you love, there is likely a design you will simply adore in Tidewater Sandals. Click here to see all the collections Tidewater Sandals offers! Don’t miss looking over the fun new arrivals too!

Sandals for Men & Women

Tidewater Sandals are not just for women, as there are designs available for men too! Click here to see the men’s line of sandal designs.

Plus, in addition to the boardwalk-style sandals, Tidewater also offers a line of wedge sandals. You can check those out here.

Supporting Local

In addition to being a locally owned business, Tidewater Sandals love supporting other local businesses. They can’t get enough of the amazing products and designs at their local partners, HangUps in High Point and Hip Chics in Clemmons. Be sure to check out these fun boutiques in the Triad. Your new Tidewater Sandals are sure to pair well with so many of their fun outfits and accessories!

Let Your Feet Be Happy & Look Fun This Summer with Tidewater Sandals!

Whether you love ocean-inspired prints or simply want comfortable sandals this summer, Tidewater Sandals is truly the ultimate footwear destination!

Be sure to head over and like their Facebook and Instagram pages. They post all the latest promos, deals, and new arrivals regularly on their social media sites.

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