By TMoM Team Member JamillahNeeairah Nasir “Mama J”

If you are anything like me, as soon as you turn your calendar page past that Sugar Rush we all know as Valentine’s Day, a quiet panic begins to set in. You realize how quickly time is flying by.

We are almost sixty days into a new year. Suddenly I realized how neglectful I have become of my physical fitness. I hadn’t even bothered to make the healthier living/fitness goals I’m always so excited to declare at the close of every year. And I also didn’t realize that “extra eight” pounds I was carrying around had doubled in size–just like I will if I’m not careful. I’ve been so pre-occupied by life’s ever-changing demands, that I didn’t even notice!

Since before Thanksgiving and until recently, I’ve hardly moved at all. I’ve just been “Fat-Assing Around” in elasticized clothes that allow me to lose track of how much I’m eating–and how much this inactivity is truly going to cost me if I don’t snap out of it. Unfortunately, I spent most of this winter alone and growing increasingly anxious about the world we’re living in. I certainly have no idea how long I’ve really been helplessly flailing about in the Deep End of Doomsville!

I can’t say I’ve been depressed. I’ve just been uninspired to make the changes I usually would, since the world keeps changing without my permission!

Our entire way of life has been disrupted to the point of not knowing what normalcy looks like anymore. We’ve been watching the news with trepidation, as we decide how to best interpret world events for the little people in our lives. We have also had to determine how the life-saving efforts of vaccinations and isolation would impact our daily lives. Many of us have even had to restructure our households to accommodate the changing landscape of family life in America. And now, we’re anxiously watching as the impending war directly impacts the rise in food and gas prices across the globe.

With all the heaviness of today’s world, is there any wonder that we all feel as if we are swinging on tenterhooks? Is there any wonder why we’re just hoping for the next wind to blow us into the direction of something better? Because what could be worse, right?!

Yes, the world is changing quickly. However, there are some things we can do that allow us to feel like we haven’t given up on ourselves. We can enjoy where we are right now.

Turn our attention inward and make peace with the things we cannot change.

Breathe more deeply.

Drink more water.

Make better food choices.

And we can extend a little more grace to ourselves and others as we navigate this new terrain! We can have patience for the process of change. Life may not look anything like we imagined, but it can still be beautiful! Most of all, we can fearlessly recalibrate and make new goals that reflect the truth of today!

Now, put your sneakers on and go be great!


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