By TMoM Team Member Kelly Hines

Most of our Saturdays are eaten up with sports. I spend more time driving to fields all over the Triad and sitting on the sidelines chatting with strangers than I care to admit to. But sometimes, one of those conversations leads to an interesting adventure – and that’s exactly what happened last week.

“I live in Summerfield,” said the woman sitting next to me. I had some vague idea that Summerfield was near Greensboro, where we were playing, but that was about it. “You know,” she continued, “where Summerfield Farms is!” A lightbulb clicked and I remembered something about a barn and weddings and mentioned those to the woman. “Oh,” she said, “but there’s the Market, too” – and then her eyes got big, “and the WELL TRUCK!”

Food and drinks are my love language, so after the game I loaded up my family and drove just a piece down the road to Summerfield. “Relax, there’s snacks,” I told my daughter. And beers, I thought to myself. The drive itself was easy and beautiful, full of green pastures and neat little farmhouses. When Summerfield Farms itself came into view, it was easy to see why it’s such a popular venue for brides. “I might have my next wedding here,” I said to my husband, who was not amused.

We pulled up to The Market and even my teenager squealed a little. The Market itself is darling, all modern farmhouse flanked by barns and a wonderful outdoor seating space. Around the corner, I could see families sitting at picnic tables, lights strung in the trees above. One family had spread out a blanket for their toddler while their older kids played giant yard games. It was just so…wholesome. That vibe continued when we entered the Market.

The shelves of the Market are packed with interesting things, from kombucha (on tap, no cap!) to snacks and fresh produce and jarred goods. There are several refrigerated cases full of grass-fed meats, prepared foods, hormone free products, and more. As we browsed, I realized that nothing in the Market was going to make me feel terrible after I ate it. It’s clear that everything in there had been carefully selected for quality, including the GIANT WALL OF BEER AND WINE. It may have been the afternoon sun coming through the window, but the wine and beer section seemed to exude a golden glow. Local and hard to find selections were an unexpected treat! We filled our basket with snacks, a frozen chicken pie for dinner, grass fed beef for later, honey sticks, Sunshine, kombucha, a soy candle, and a t-shirt. We’re eclectic, what can I say? The delightful woman behind the counter rang up our purchases and eyeballed my beer selections. “You need to check out the Well Truck,” she winked.

We stashed our bags in the car and walked around the building to The Well Truck. Not much surprises me, but the Well Truck did. It’s more than just a beer cart – it’s a thoughtfully stocked watering hole on wheels. I’ve never seen a food truck where you can get a charcuterie tray and a cocktail, or ice cream and a lemonade. Tucked into a corner of the lush lawn, the Well Truck provides everything a family or group of friends would need. When the young women inside the truck said the magic words (which are “goat yoga”, by the way) my daughter whispered, “I could live here.”

Yes, there’s goat yoga on the calendar. This fall will also see wagon rides, a charcuterie class, a cookie decorating workshop, a Marvel Movie Night, and an Autumn Harvest Whiskey Dinner. It’s almost like they got into my brain, picked all my favorite things, and plopped them down in a place that looks like heaven on earth. It’s a little bit of a drive (30-40 min) from Winston-Salem, High Point, or Burlington, but it’s just down the road from those who live in Greensboro and Kernersville. We could easily spend the day here eating, drinking, and enjoying each other’s company. On the way home, I started thinking about all the things I plan. I picked up my phone and texted my girlfriends. “Hey, have you guys ever been to Summerfield?”…

*Sponsored by Summerfield Farms