By Guest Blogger Glynis Bell

It’s summer time and the living is easy. What about dressing? Does warm weather make dressing for the season easier? It’s that time to put away the leggings and boots and step into lighter weight fabrics and sandals. (Make sure your piggy’s are polished!) But even with the shift in dress it doesn’t have to mean stressing about what to wear.

Winter is often a time to cover up those body parts that we don’t find attractive. It’s a safe haven for arms and legs that are not as firm as they used to be. But as the layers are removed, it’s time to be more forgiving and accepting of our bodies and love what we have! Feeling good about our image starts at a young age. It’s important to instill in our young ladies that their bodies may not be perfect but we can love the skin that we are in and make adjustments as necessary.

It’s stiff competition when we as moms, mentors and role models are up against what main stream media dictates what we NEED to look like. It can certainly leave us confused and frustrated to say the least. I often say that fashion should be fun, never frustrating! Here are some tips that may help you feel fashionably fabulous and not frustrated!

  • Just because it’s the color of the season, it’s on sale at the store, your best friend has one, they make it in your size and it’s all the rave in the magazines, doesn’t mean that you have to have it in YOUR closet. All things are not made to fit all bodies. Know what works best for you and your body type!
  • Have a full length mirror and a close friend (whose option you trust) in your possession at all times. A full length mirror so that you can see yourself head to toe and get a complete picture of YOU! A good friend so that they can shop with you and loving help you tweak some areas that may need special attention.
  • Do a garment test drive in the dressing room. Sit down in it, stretch your hands over your head, touch your toes, give yourself a hug. Make sure that if you invest your time and money in purchasing a garment, make sure it fits. Not paying so much attention to the size in the label, but how it looks and feels on your body!
  • Don’t fuss over the size that is in the tag. Wear what fits YOU! I have everything from 6-16 and S-XL in my fashion repertoire. All designers are not created equally; one size in one designers’ line is something else in another.
  • Create a signature style that’s uniquely yours. Whether it’s Red lipstick, a signature hair cut, peals or fabulous shoe game, own your own runway! One of my signature looks is a flower lapel pin. When someone compliments me on it, I say “thank you, I’m growing where I’m planted!”

Most of all, have fun and break a few rules. As the fabric of our lives gets lighter for the season of sun and fun, lighten up on yourself, breath in and release s-l-o-w-l-y!