By Busta Brown

I’ve noticed recently that my son’s conversations have been very limited to sports, entertainment, and material things. Cameron and Corey are awesome sons and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I love them dudes, but like a lot of teens, their conversations are very limited to…“Lebron this,” “Kobe that,” “Lil Wayne’s new song is not hot,” “fancy SUV’s that,” “fancy cars this,” “big houses that,” “Did you see the latest funny youtube,” etc.

They also tell me something they’ve heard without researching it for themselves and it misleads me and others. In most cases the stories were false, and that’s not cool. I asked my sons from here on to always research anything they hear, write it down, and then share. Not gossip, but share good positive and uplifting conversations.

I’ve noticed they don’t read enough educational “LITERATURE.” I always asked them to do so. I’ve asked a billion times that they takes notes, but no progress in that category either. Who do I blame? The teachers? Not at all. I blame myself … 100%.

So I took it upon myself to create fun and exciting ways to teach them to read more educational literature and to enjoy comprehending what they’re reading. “Don’t read just to get through a story, but read to comprehend.” When they began doing it that way, they always enjoyed learning something new.

“Reading is our children’s access to the power…Knowledge is power!”

I also use my experience in radio and TV to teach them how to pace themselves, relax and read as if they’re having a conversation with a friend. “Read with your own unique personality.” Always have pencil and paper with them at all times, ready to take notes, so they’ll be better prepared the coming school year. “While in class or church, become an expert listener to what is being said, write it down, and then research it.” That’s a winning combo for “A” Honor Roll, or “B” at the least. It’s a great way to build a “natural” spiritual relationship as well. Not one that is forced, but one that is welcomed with an open heart.

Why did it take me so long to catch my children’s limited conversations and then do something about it? I wanted to be more of a “Buddy” rather than that boring “Father and Leader” dude. I wanted them to like me instead of leading and living a life that commands a “natural respect” for Dad. I realized I lived as I choose while giving all the responsibility and power to the teachers. With no disrespect intended to our teachers, no one can love, lead and teach your children like you can and should.

Last thing, don’t let your guilt of what you can’t provide for them keep you from being the leader and teacher they need. Use who and what your are. Give them the best you have to offer. Your children love admire you. You are, and always will be the best to them. Of course they’ll be impressed with sight and celebrity life style. As children, so were we. As for me, it’s time to teach, lead and live a life style that commands a natural and cool respect for Dad. Whatever the school system adds to that, is gravy. I welcome and will support it I won’t stop being their buddy, because they dig it and need it, and so do I, but I’m going to find that “natural and cool” balance of both.

My sons and I agreed that they will take it upon themselves to read and learn something new every day about their dream career, and that they will leave higher education with a “Ph.D.” and “tenured”. I will check in and look over all their work and efforts.

Let’s teach our children to dream and go beyond anything we’ve ever achieved. Dream and go beyond Bill Gates, Obama, Oprah, etc. Tell them each day, “If they can see it, they will be it.” Teach them to “see their dreams and be their dreams”.

Oh yeah…Please…Don’t you stop dreaming and achieving. They’re watching.

Busta Brown is the morning traffic reporter on WXII 12 Morning News. He is the executive director and co-founder of The Next Level of the Triad, a non-profit in Greensboro. Busta has also been a radio host on WQMG and WJMH in Greensboro. He graduated from the Ron Bailey School of Broadcasting in San Francisco.

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