By Angela Levine, parent of student at St. John’s Lutheran School

What makes an education “complete”? Parents ask themselves this question when they begin to think about where they will send their children to school. Most would agree that having rigorous academic standards is an important part of getting a complete education.

Parents who chose St. John’s Lutheran School think so. By listening to their stories, you’ll hear about valuing the small environment for the child that has attention challenges. You’ll hear the story of the child who faced bullying in a school that didn’t respond…and how he needed teachers that would care and teach respect and kindness in the classroom every day. You’ll even hear about the student whose father’s wish, before he passed away, was that his son would have a similar religious education to what he had.

Families come to St. John’s for a whole host of reasons.  But most who land here would agree on a definition of a “complete” education.

While strong academics are a given, we think St. John’s is a great place…

…to grow in Christ – developing the heart as well as the mind, while not only learning about the Bible but how to put biblical principals into action in daily living

…to get involved – through participation in sports, drama and other extracurriculars open to all students

…to learn to serve others – and developing a “servant’s heart” through community volunteerism, collection projects and exposure to those in need around us

…for personalized attention – with small class-sizes, willingness to adjust to unique learning styles and extra homework help.

High school teachers have praised the job that this place does in prepping kids for the challenge of the high school academics.  However, they are also pleased with the other aspects of a “complete” education that St. John’s is giving its students.

So when thinking about the completeness of your child’s education, ask yourself what they are getting from their current school. If the answer is “not enough”, perhaps a visit to St. John’s would help. The door is always open!

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The Children with Disabilities Scholarship Grant allows families to be reimbursed for approved educational expenses for their child. Often these approved expenses include private school tuition, tutoring, and other therapeutic services.

Even minor disabilities, such as ADD, speech and reading challenges may be covered. This law was designed to assist families in affording a private school option or outside tutoring when that was deemed in the best interest of their child. Families do not need to “prove” that the private option is better than the public one.

While St. John’s is not a school for severe special needs, its smaller class sizes make it a good fit for handling some of the needs covered under this law.  And the grant currently covers the ENTIRE tuition for a St. John’s school year!

There are several ways a student may qualify but two of the key ways are by having an IEP or receiving special education services from a public school.  For complete information on this law, click here.

Photo credits: Rob Maltahn and Deborah Hall
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