Every once in a while I’ll stumble across something on a friend’s Facebook page or in conversation, or a reader will email me a “Favorite Find.” Well, for the past couple of months I’ve been holding on to a couple of items that not only qualify as “favorite finds,” but are also pretty fantastic as well. And I’ve been bursting at the seams to share these with you all.

So here goes. Today’s “Favorite Finds” run the gamut from food to fashion and from furniture to films. There’s a find for everyone, and after reading about them, I’m guessing you’ll be just as excited as I am. If you have a “Favorite Find” you’d like to share with other TMoM readers, email me at Katie@TriadMomsOnMain.com. Just know that we don’t feature EVERY find that is sent our way – just the fabulous ones!

Crock Pot Girls
I found this “Find” just the other week. Seemed like every one of my Facebook friends was “liking” it, so of course I had to check it out. Little did I know millions of other people, literally, also checked out this Facebook page and “liked” it too! The Crock Pot Girls Facebook page was started by three moms in Texas who love to use their crock pots and wanted a way to share and exchange crock pot recipes with other moms. They launched their page less than one month ago and they now have 1,184,909 Facebook fans! They also recently launched a web site where you can search recipes, read their blog, and review tips and tricks from these Texas moms and their followers. If you’re a regular crock pot user, this is one site you have to bookmark. And if you’ve tried some of their recipes, give us a review in the comments below!

Shop It To Me
Oh how I wish I knew about this site years ago! What an awesome concept! Shop It To Me is a free personal online shopper for those of us with no time or patience to shop! All you do is sign up on the site and tell them what brands and designers you like as well as your size, and they will send you personalized email alerts (as many or as few times as you want) with amazing deals, markdowns, promo codes, and VIP sales events on your favorite must-haves each season! And you can customize your shopping for women’s, men’s or children’s clothing! Shop It To Me also has a Facebook page for you to “like” to get inside scoop and daily deals. Now we really have no excuse. I’m sure the hubby will understand 🙂

Hide-ees: Better than Bloomers!
This “find” and the next one came to me from loyal TMoM reader, Susan D. She found these adorable and chic Hide-ees from Clarabelle and the Hen. After she bought them for her daughter, she liked them so much that she also bought a custom shirt to match so her daughter can wear her Hide-ees solo as shorts, as well as under skirts! For just $16 each you can get a variety of Hide-ees to use year-round like Susan does! According to Clarabelle and the Hen, these undies stay put and feel just right. They also recommend them for fun and fashionable gymnastics trunks or pajama bottoms. How cute!

All Children’s Furniture
Susan D also sent me the link to this web site saying a friend of hers in Greensboro has been gushing about this site. They got hooked on All Children’s Furniture after they discovered the prices are much lower than Pottery Barn and other local stores that carry similar styles, plus it offers free shipping and no tax on orders of just $69 or more. She also said the site gives first-time customers coupons at checkout for additional savings! I have not yet shopped this site but I did surf around it and I already have some items picked out! Thanks for sharing these items, Susan!

Common Sense Media
Moving from “fun finds” to “functional finds,” this one was sent to me by Michelle W, another loyal reader of TMoM. She happened upon Common Sense Media this past summer while searching for early reviews on the Smurf movie – and to decide whether or not she wanted her five-year-old daughter to see the film. She found this site and wanted to share it with other TMoM parents. The site not only reviews movies, but also games, apps, books, web sites, video games and TV shows. It offers tools and curricula to help parents teach their children how to use media wisely and responsibly. Parents can turn to this site for advice on big issues and how to communicate them to kids (like 911 images on TV!). And the site also advocates on behalf of kids and families to improve what children see and hear through media. What a fabulous resource. Kudos to Michelle!

Let us know if you’ve tried any of the Favorite Finds in the past, and what your experience has been! Are they favorites of yours too?